The second issue of Marvel;Re's New Mutants comic.


Joshua investigates the rumors of the Wolf of Xavier's School, an urban legend that has been going around the school for some time.


We open on a flashback to Joshua Foley staring at his hands, which are slowly turning gold.

  • Joshua Foley (thinking): What...? What's happening to me? This... this isn't real! This can't be real!

Joshua looks up and sees a group of people surrounding him.

  • Bald Teen: Oh my God...
  • Man in Red Hat: He's a Mutie!
  • Joshua Foley: N-no! You don't understand, I--
  • ???: You see this!?

Joshua turns and sees the well-dressed man from his flashback in the previous issue.

  • Well-Dressed Man: Muties are among us everywhere! No one is safe! The man you pass by on the street! The man you go to work with! Your sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters! Any of them could be Mutie scum!

The well-dressed man walks over to Joshua and grabs his arm.

  • Well-Dressed Man: Any of them could be one of these bastards!

The well-dressed man starts shaking Joshua, getting progressively more aggressive with him.

  • Well-Dressed Man: isn't that right, you Mutie piece of crap!?
  • Joshua Foley: What!? No, there's--
  • Well-Dressed Man: You probably think you're better than me just cause you're supposedly "special", isn't that right, Mutie!?
  • Joshua Foley: No!
  • Well-Dressed Man: Don't you dare lie to me!
  • Joshua Foley: LET GO!!

Joshua winds back a punch. However, the flashback ends and it cuts to Joshua himself getting punched in the face by Julian Keller. The punch is hard enough to knock Joshua to the ground, bleeding from his newly broken nose.

  • Julian Keller: Oh man, I straight up busted your nose! I almost feel sorry for you!
  • Joshua Foley: *kk*...
  • Julian Keller: You can give up any time you want, man. I wouldn't blame you after a swing like that!

Joshua looks at Julian and grins before standing up.

  • Joshua Foley: You wanna see something really gross...?
  • Julian Keller: Eh?

Joshua's broken nose cracks back into place and the blood coming from his nose stops. Julian stares in disgust as Joshua's nose heals itself. Kevin Sydney also stares but more in awe than anything else.

  • Kevin Sydney: Whoa... yo, that is awesome!
  • Julian Keller: What the hell was that!?
  • Joshua Foley: Oh yeah, I never got to tell you my powers, did I?
  • Julian Keller: Huh...?
  • Joshua Foley: Well, first off, not that you asked, but my name's Joshua Foley. And my Omega-Level mutation lets me alter the genetics of anything I touch. But I'm also able to instantly alter my own biology. If you don't understand what that means, let me dumb it down for you: My healing factor is on the same level as Wolverine!
  • Julian Keller: You... you piece of crap!

Julian starts glowing and flies towards Joshua, slamming him against a wall and punching him repeatedly. As Julian as winding back another punch, Joshua grabs Julian's face. Julian knocks Joshua's hands off of him.

  • Julian Keller: What the hell was that!? Why would-- *kaff!*

Julian continues coughing and ends up dropping to the ground due to how violent his coughing fit gets.

  • Joshua Foley: I just changed your biology to give you the flu. Makes for a much more fair fight.

A very sick Julian gets up and is instantly punched in the face by Joshua. Joshua more or less uses Julian as a punching bag, boxing him while Julian is unable to do anything in response. The other students watch on in shock at the fight. Joshua winds back his final punch only to suddenly glow green and stop.

  • Joshua Foley: Huh...?
  • Julian Keller: You told me your powers... let me tell you mine...

Julian looks up, revealing his eyes are glowing green.

  • Julian Keller: I'm an Omega-Level telekinetic! I can move and manipulate anything, including inanimate objects, myself... and other people.

Julian punches Joshua with psychic force, sending him flying and smashing into a wall. Joshua manages to get back up but has a chair tosses at him. Another chair is tossed at Joshua while he's on the ground. More and more chairs are slammed into Joshua by Julian, who stares own at Joshua with pure rage. However, as Julian is preparing another chair, a massive gust of sand suddenly appears between the two.

  • Julian Keller: What the hell!?

The sand slowly comes together, forming a humanoid shape before transforming into a woman in traditional Muslim wear. The other students stare at the girl in awe.

  • Kevin Ford: Sooraya...?
  • Julian Keller: Dust? Don't get involved in this! This isn't--
  • Sooraya Qadir: Shut up.

Sooraya holds her hand out for Joshua and he takes it, with her helping him back to his feet.

  • Julian Keller: Oh, let me guess, "he's had enough, Julian, don't--"
  • Sooraya Qadir: You two were being watched that entire time.

Julian's eyes widen.

  • Joshua Foley: ...Uh... excuse me, what?

Sooraya points upwards. Julian and Joshua look up and realize that someone has been watching them from the window above the entire time, taking pictures of them with his phone. The man in the window lowers his phone, revealing he is wearing a metal helmet as he playfully waves at the two.

  • Julian Keller: Oh, son of a...

Smash cut to Joshua and Julian being yelled at by Professor X, the student in the metal helmet standing behind him as he chews the two out.

  • Charles Xavier: Roughhousing! On school property?! I can't believe you two!
  • Julian Keller: He started it.
  • Charles Xavier: I don't care who started it, I'm ending it! Thank God Xorn was there and saw the two of you, otherwise you could've broken a lot more than some chairs!
  • Shen Xorn: Actually, Julian did manage to break the other student's nose but his healing factor managed to protect him.
  • Julian Keller: Snitch!
  • Shen Xorn: I'm the Student Body President. Of course I'm a snitch!
  • Charles Xavier: Ugh... Look, this is both of your first offenses. So, I'll go easy on you. If you both apologize then I won't give you detention.
  • Julian Keller: Really? Sweet!

Julian puts his hand out for Joshua to shake.

  • Julian Keller: Yo, sorry about all that. We cool?

Joshua sits in his chair and doesn't even look at Julian.

  • Julian Keller: Josh...?
  • Shen Xorn: Headteacher Xavier is giving you a chance, Joshua.
  • Charles Xavier: Just say sorry and I'll let you move on, Joshua. This is your first day of school, you don't want to get detention on it, do you?
  • Joshua Foley: Julian bullied a guy so bad that he bled. He deserved me beating the crap out of him. And if me refusing to say sorry gets both of us detention then I'd gladly sit there, bored out of my mind writing the same five words on a chalkboard, knowing that he's stuck doing the same thing.
  • Julian Keller: Just say sorry to me, dick!
  • Charles Xavier: Is that your final answer?
  • Joshua Foley: Give us detention. I'm never saying sorry to that prick.
  • Charles Xavier: Very well... weak's detention for the both of you.
  • Julian Keller: Oh, come on!
  • Joshua Foley: Them's the breaks!

Joshua smugly smiles at Julian. Sometime later in detention, Joshua sits in a classroom of five other people, still smugly smiling to himself while writing "I will not fight on school grounds" over and over again on a few sheets of paper. Beast, the head of the class, notices Joshua smiling to himself.

  • Hank McCoy: Proud of yourself...?
  • Joshua Foley: If I'm being honest? Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself right now!
  • Hank McCoy: Typical delinquent kid...

Joshua continues to smile at Hank only for it to suddenly drop.

  • Hank McCoy: Something wrong?
  • Joshua Foley: No, nothing's wrong... uh... Can I go pee?
  • Hank McCoy: The bathroom's at the end of the hallway and to the left.
  • Joshua Foley: Thanks.

Joshua runs off and busts into the bathroom, charging straight into a stall. We are luckily spared from what happens and we instantly cut to Joshua washing his hands. While Joshua is washing his hands, Kevin Ford walks out from another stall behind him. Kevin notices Joshua and raises an eyebrow upon seeing him.

  • Kevin Ford: ...Guy?
  • Joshua Foley: Huh?

Kevin walks over to Joshua.

  • Kevin Ford: It is you! You're the guy who fought Hellion earlier!
  • Joshua Foley: Oh, hey buddy. Why're you still in the school after hours?
  • Kevin Ford: Oh, I needed to go to the bathroom last minute. Listen, uh... sorry, what's your name?
  • Joshua Foley: Joshua.
  • Kevin Ford: Joshua? Alright, great to meet you! I'm Kevin Ford. Listen, I just wanted to say thanks for standing up for me earlier. Nobody really does that for us.
  • Joshua Foley: You're welco... us?
  • Kevin Ford: Yeah. Me, Dust, Mercury, and Rockslide. He picks on all of us. Nobody ever stands up to him because Hellion's Omega-Level. They're afraid he's gonna do something to them...
  • Joshua Foley: Dust?

Joshua remembers Hellion referring to the Muslim woman as "Dust".

  • Joshua Foley: Oh, that one Muslim girl? She seemed pretty confident. How'd he manage to pick on her?
  • Kevin Ford: He picks on all of us in different ways. Mercury and I are the only ones who he actually does anything physically to. He pushes her, touches her in places she doesn't like being touched, like her neck, and... well, you've already seen what he does to me. Truth be told, the only person he doesn't pick on in our group is Tag, but that's mostly just cause he can't find a way of pushing his buttons...
  • Joshua Foley: Man, what a tool. Why don't you stand up for yourself against him? You know, use your powers or something?
  • Kevin Ford: W-what?! N-no, there's no way I'd ever do that! He's a jerk, but I don't wanna hurt anybody! Especially not with my powers!
  • Joshua Foley: Why? What're your powers?
  • Kevin Ford: I can, um... M-my powers let me... rot living organisms. If I touched someone or someone touched me, the part of the body that I touched would instantly wither. T-that's why Hellion calls me that... "Wither". Th-there's no reason to be afraid, though! My gloves completely shut down my powers, so I can touch anybody! You're not in danger of--
  • Joshua Foley: Nah, don't worry, dude, I'm not worried about that kind of crap.
  • Kevin Ford: You... you're not...?
  • Joshua Foley: Nah, my power lets me instantly regenerate, so I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't be able to wither me even if you weren't wearing your gloves.
  • Kevin Ford: Wha... really? Awesome!

Joshua pulls out his phone and looks at the time.

  • Joshua Foley: Oh crap, I gotta get back to detention! See ya later, nice talking to you!
  • Kevin Ford: You too!

Joshua bursts out of the bathroom and charges top-speed back to class. He bursts into the classroom, panting.

  • Joshua Foley: Hi, sorry I'm late!
  • Hank McCoy: Mr. Foley, you're excused.
  • Joshua Foley: Huh?

Joshua looks up and sees a Native-American woman with a headband standing in front of him.

  • Joshua Foley: Oh, um... hello. Sorry, but you look kinda... familiar. Who're you?
  • Danielle Moonstar: I'm Mirage. We met a few weeks back.
  • Joshua Foley: Oh yeah, you were the one who helped me get into Xavier Academy.
  • Danielle Moonstar: Still calling it Xavier Academy for some reason, I see...
  • Joshua Foley: It sounds better!
  • Danielle Moonstar: It doesn't and you know for a fact that it doesn't!

Danielle raises her hands, regaining her composure.

  • Danielle Moonstar: Sorry, I'm getting off-topic... Can you follow me, please?
  • Joshua Foley: Uh... sure. Where're we going?
  • Danielle Moonstar: You'll know when you get there.

Joshua follows Danielle out of the classroom and through the hallways of the school.

  • Danielle Moonstar: So, Joshua.
  • Joshua Foley: Uh, yeah?
  • Danielle Moonstar: You got detention on your first day...
  • Joshua Foley: Y... yeah, I did... In my defense, I was helping somebody, so I--
  • Danielle Moonstar: You couldn't have helped him without getting into a giant, peace-shattering fight?
  • Joshua Foley: Um... Well, I guess I could've... But don't you and the X-Men get into a bunch of fights as well?
  • Danielle Moonstar: We fight people when there's no other option. You fight people when they piss you off. The first instinct of an X-Man shouldn't be to throw a fist, it should be to hold out a hand.
  • Joshua Foley: ...What the hell does that mean?
  • Danielle Moonstar: You'll know when you're wiser.

Joshua squints in confusion.

  • Danielle Moonstar: But I gotta admit...
  • Joshua Foley: Hm?
  • Danielle Moonstar: You've got some pretty impressive powers. I saw footage of your fight with Keller. You healed a wound on another student's head, you managed to instantly heal your broken nose, and you had several chairs broken over your head and managed to get back up. No wonder you're considered Omega-Level.
  • Joshua Foley: You heard about that?
  • Danielle Moonstar: Now... what have you heard about the Wolf of Xavier's School?
  • Joshua Foley: I know a bit.
  • Danielle Moonstar: Good.

Danielle leads Joshua into a room with a few other students.

  • Danielle Moonstar: We're hunting it later tonight.
  • Joshua Foley: Okay... good for you. Why am I here?
  • Danielle Moonstar: We don't know how strong the Wolf is. We need a healer in case one of us is seriously injured.
  • Joshua Foley: And who're these guys?
  • Danielle Moonstar: They're the people that're going to help me. Everyone, introduce yourselves.

The students stand up one after the other and introduce themselves.

  • Nicholas Gleason: I'm Nicholas Gleason. My wolf senses will help us track down the thing in the forest.
  • Laurie Collins: Laurie Collins. My emotion-manipulating pheromones will calm the creature down.
  • Hisako Ichiki: And I'm Hisako Ichiki. I'm one of the two combatants brought on to the team in case the Wolf attacks us.
  • Joshua Foley: Two?
  • Hisako Ichiki: The other one didn't show up...

Right after that, the door flies open and Lorna Dane walks in. She casually struts to the back of the room and tosses some gum into her mouth.

  • Danielle Moonstar: ...Anything you've got to say for yourself?
  • Lorna Dane: I'm Lorna Dane, I'm one of the two combatants.
  • Danielle Moonstar: That's not what I... nevermind...

Joshua stares at Lorna, who leans against a wall with her eyes closed, blowing a bubble with her gum. When it pops, she opens her eyes and realizes Joshua is looking at her. Joshua thinks back to when he saw her in the same room as the Student Council while she awkwardly looks left and right.

  • Lorna Dane: Uh... see something you like, buddy?
  • Joshua Foley: What? No!
  • Lorna Dane: Cause if you are then, sorry pal, but you're not my type.
  • Joshua Foley: Damnit, no!
  • Danielle Moonstar: Listen, are you in or out? I need an answer now.

Joshua looks at the others, who are all staring at him.

  • Joshua Foley: Sure, I'm in.
  • Lorna Dane: Just to be clear, you're not in cause you wanna date me, right?
  • Joshua Foley: Oh my God, shut up!
  • Lorna Dane: Okay, just making sure.
  • Danielle Moonstar: Meet me later tonight. For now, everybody can go home. Or back to detention...
  • Joshua Foley: Wait, I have to go back to detention?
  • Lorna Dane: Wait, I have to go back to detention?!
  • Joshua Foley: You were in detention? I thought you were a Student Council member!
  • Danielle Moonstar: Both of you shut up and get back to class!
  • Joshua Foley: Oh, son of a--!

Smash cut to Joshua standing in the middle of a forest with the other students and Danielle while rain is pouring down.

  • Joshua Foley: --Bitch! Couldn't we have put this off until tomorrow!?
  • Danielle Moonstar: This thing is dangerous and we need to take care of it as fast as possible. Besides, a little rain never hurt anybody.
  • Joshua Foley: Tell that to Moses!
  • Hisako Ichiki: ...Moses?
  • Joshua Foley: Yeah, the guy with the ark!
  • Hisako Ichiki: You... haven't read the bible, have you?
  • Joshua Foley: I don't need to!
  • Hisako Ichiki: You're right. You don't need to read the bible to know that it wasn't Moses who built the ark...
  • Lorna Dane: Are you two going to bicker the entire time we're here? Because I will walk away from this hunt...
  • Danielle Moonstar: No you won't. Now, Nicholas...

Danielle pulls out a small glass tube with a black hair inside.

  • Danielle Moonstar: This is a hair from the Wolf that was found by a friend of mine. Smell it to get the sent.
  • Nicholas Gleason: Yes, ma'am!

Nicholas grabs the tube and starts smelling it.

  • Laurie Collins: With all due respect, ma'am, couldn't your friend Wolfsbane fill the same role as Nicholas?
  • Lorna Dane: Let me translate for Laurie: Why the hell didn't you just call the New Mutants?
  • Danielle Moonstar: They're out on missions.
  • Joshua Foley: New Mutants? Who're the New Mutants?
  • Hisako Ichiki: What?! You don't know? They're famous in the Mutant community! They're so young and yet they're already X-Men! Miss. Moonstar is one of their members. Her powers let her do so many cool things, like--
  • Lorna Dane: Okay, we get it, Moonstar's your Woman Crush Wednesday. You can stop now...
  • Hisako Ichiki: What? Sh-shut up!

Nicholas turns full wolf and drops to all-fours, walking like an animal into the forest.

  • Danielle Moonstar: He's got a sent. Let's go.

The group follows Nicholas as he chases after the sent. At the back stands Joshua Foley, Lorna Dane, and Laurie Collins. Laurie repeatedly looks at Lorna and Joshua, though she doesn't say anything.

  • Lorna Dane: What?
  • Laurie Collins: Hm?
  • Lorna Dane: You keep looking at us.
  • Joshua Foley: Does she? I didn't notice.
  • Lorna Dane: If you've got a question, ask it. Don't keep staring like a weirdo...
  • Laurie Collins: O-okay, um... You guys were in detention, right?
  • Lorna Dane: Yeah?
  • Laurie Collins: What'd you do to get it?
  • Lorna Dane: Why do you care?
  • Laurie Collins: Oh, well, uh... I've got a kinda weird interest in... How do I put this...?
  • Joshua Foley: Don't worry, you can say delinquents.
  • Laurie Collins: W-what? N-no! No, I don't--
  • Joshua Foley: No, really, it's fine. You don't get detention unless you've got a delinquent streak. And I got detention for fighting, by the way. There was a guy bullying a kid so I decided to make him pick on someone his own size.
  • Laurie Collins: Who'd you fight?
  • Joshua Foley: Some dick named Julian Keller.
  • Laurie Collins: You stood up to Hellion?! That's so awesome! You weren't hurt by him, were you?
  • Joshua Foley: It was a fight, of course I was hurt by him. I've got a healing factor though, so it didn't hurt for long.
  • Laurie Collins: Oh, okay, good.

Laurie points at Lorna.

  • Laurie Collins: How did you get detention?
  • Lorna Dane: None of your business.
  • Joshua Foley: Oh, come on, how bad could it be? Also, I kinda wanna know too.

Lorna looks at both Laurie and Joshua. Her face turns red and she stares at the ground.

  • Lorna Dane: I had sex in the boy's locker room...
  • Laurie Collins: Oh my God, you only got detention for that?!
  • Joshua Foley: With who?

Lorna slaps Joshua.

  • Joshua Foley: Ow! What'd I do?!

Nicholas stops walking and the rest of the group follow suit.

  • Joshua Foley: Why'd he stop?
  • Danielle Moonstar: He's got a sent...

Nicholas smells the ground and follows the trail of a sent he's picked up. He makes his way to a nearby bush and smells it. His eyes suddenly widen and he transforms back to a humanoid form.

  • Nicholas Gleason: Everybody get back!
  • Danielle Moonstar: What'd you find?!

Nicholas points to the distance. The group stares and spot a single red glowing light. The thing in the distance stands completely still for a while, with it and Danielle staring each other down. Danielle narrows her eyebrows and places her hands in her pockets. Moments later and without warning, the creature bursts out of the shadows and reveals itself to seemingly be a purple and white robot with a red glowing eye and what seems to be long, black hair coming out the back of its head.

  • Danielle Moonstar: Hisako!

Hisako summons her psionic armor and leaps in front of Danielle. The metallic being, who was aiming for Danielle, ends up punching Hisako's armor instead. The robot then leaps away and lands in front of the group. Danielle examines the robot from afar.

  • Danielle Moonstar: Hm... That black hair definitely confirms that this thing is the Wolf.
  • Nicholas Gleason: What the hell is it?
  • Danielle Moonstar: That red glow and the color of its paint makes me think it's a new type of Sentinel, but the hair looks organic. A cyborg, maybe?
  • Hisako Ichiki: Whatever it is, we have to beat it!

Hisako charges towards the Wolf and attempts to slam her fist down on it. However, the Wolf quickly jumps out of the way and she ends up punching the ground instead. The Wolf then jumps towards Hisako and breaks through her armor, tackling her to the ground as her armor shatters. The Wolf repeatedly attempts to punch her head but she manages to move out of the way each time.

  • Hisako Ichiki: What the hell?! That... that's not possible! The only thing that can make its way through my armor is...

A horrifying realization crosses Hisako.

  • Danielle Moonstar: What?! Somebody, help her!

The Wolf raises its fist again but, before it can bring it down, a metal ball crashes into its head, sending it flying. It manages to get back up and looks around, spotting Lorna Dane, who has three metal spheres hovering around her head.

  • Lorna Dane: Iron spheres! I bring them wherever I go in case I get into a fight!
  • Hisako Ichiki: Hurry up and use your powers to grab it!
  • Lorna Dane: Adamantium's pretty hard to bend for me. Don't worry though, I've never lost a fight with my spheres!

The Wolf leaps towards Lorna and is instantly bashed away by one of her spheres. It attempts to grab her again but is bashed away for the second time. The third and final time it tries to grab her, it is bashed in the side by all three spheres and knocked to the ground. A loud, disgusting crack is heard as the spheres hit it and, upon falling to the ground, it lets out a horrifying, human-like scream. Everyone in the group listens to the scream, disgusted and terrified.

  • Nicholas Gleason: Oh... my God...

A mortified Lorna turns to Danielle.

  • Lorna Dane: I thought you said this thing was a robot!
  • Danielle Moonstar: I also said it could be a CYBORG!

The group stares at the Wolf, which is shivering on the ground in pain. Feeling sorry for the thing, Laurie walks over to it and holds her hands out.

  • Danielle Moonstar: What're you doing...?
  • Laurie Collins: What I was brought here to do. I'm using my pheromones to calm it down...

The Wolf stays on the ground and slowly stops shivering. Laurie smiles as it does but it suddenly sparks up.

  • Laurie Collins: Aah!

A large amount of red gas begins seeping out of Laurie.

  • Danielle Moonstar: What the hell is that?!
  • Laurie Collins: It... it jumped up and startled me! I lose control of my powers when I'm startled and I start emitting bad pheromones!
  • Lorna Dane: Well, you better calm down fast or else that thing's gonna get very unhappy very fast!
  • Laurie Collins: That's not helping!

The Wolf slowly raises one of its hands. Due to the damage received during its battle, the metal gauntlet strapped to its arm falls off, revealing a very human arm underneath. The Wolf clenches its fist and a pair of Wolverine-like claws pop from between its knuckles. It lunges its claws towards Laurie and blood splatters all over her face. Joshua's blood, to be exact, as it's revealed he managed to leap in front of Laurie, the Wolf stabbing him instead.

  • Laurie Collins: Joshua?! What in the...!?
  • Joshua Foley: My healing factor will help me! Go!
  • Laurie Collins: But--
  • Joshua Foley: I'm fine!

The Wolf tries to take its claws out of Joshua but Joshua grabs its arm and forces it to keep its claws in his stomach.

  • Joshua Foley: RUN!!

Laurie gets up and runs as Joshua turns to the Wolf.

  • Joshua Foley: So... you really are a human under all that metal! What's your name, if you don't mind me asking...?

The Wolf says nothing.

  • Joshua Foley: Not a talker? That's fine... I notice you're basically ignoring your broken rib. Do you also have a healing factor...?

The Wolf pops a second pair of claws and attempts to stab Joshua. In response, Joshua raises his other arm and allows the Wolf to stab through it. He then leans his head as far back as he can and headbutts the Wolf hard enough to knock the Wolf back to the ground. It's also enough to shatter its helmet, revealing a female face underneath. The Wolf hits the floor and its eyes turn from bright red to a milky white and then a bright green. It then closes its eyes as it falls unconscious. The others gather around the girl.

  • Lorna Dane: It was a girl...?
  • Nicholas Gleason: A cute girl.
  • Hisako Ichiki: Not the time.

Joshua turns to Laurie.

  • Joshua Foley: You okay...?
  • Laurie Collins: Y... yeah, I'm fine.
  • Joshua Foley: Good...

Joshua smiles at Laurie but it quickly drops and he falls into her arms and passes out.

  • Laurie Collins: H... hello? Hello?! Oh God, are you okay!? Please don't die before I get to learn your name! I--
  • Danielle Moonstar: Don't worry, he's got a healing factor. He'll survive, but he did lose a lot of blood during that fight.
  • Laurie Collins: He's gonna be fine, right?!
  • Danielle Moonstar: Like I said, he's got an Omega-Level healing factor. It'll take a lot more than blood loss to put him down forever. Bring him to the in-school hospital and let him sleep. He deserves it after that.
  • Lorna Dane: And what do we do with her?

Lorna gestures to the girl on the ground.

  • Danielle Moonstar: I'll take her to the X-Men's base. We'll question her and see what she knows. Speaking of the X-Men, that was technically your first X-Men mission, even if it wasn't official. You guys enjoy it?
  • Nicholas Gleason: Well, I guess we're still alive, so... Yeah, no real complaints.

Laurie looks at Joshua, who she has been holding up the entire time. Later on, we see Joshua lying in a hospital bed while Laurie sits at his side. She leans over him and waves her hand above his face. After she does, he begins to smile in his sleep.

  • Laurie Collins: There you go. Some pheromones to make sure you have good dreams. Least I can do after you saved me...

Laurie smiles at Joshua and continues to sit by his side while he recovers in his sleep.

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