The Nervous Patient is an unnamed minor character in the 1996 horror comedy film The Dentist. He is played by Michael E. Rodgers.

About this Character

Warning: The information may spoil you if you havent seen the movie

He is first seen with an unnamed female dentist while they were in the middle of a normal dentist appointment. Just then, Dr. Alan Feinstone checks on him and complains that the man's teeth are in bad shape because he ate too much candy. The nervous patient begged to Dr. Feinstone that he only ate three candies today, but he didn't seem to care. Then, the man was even more frightened when Dr. Feinstone grabbed a gun and told everyone to pull all of their patients' teeth out. Not wanting his precious teeth to be pulled out, the nervous patient decided to scare Dr. Feinstone by catching him off guard, but his plan backfired and he shot him, thinking that his rival caught him off guard. The man begged Dr. Feinstone to stop, but he shot him again, injuring his hand. Fortunately, he survived the attack, but the man was left crying in pain.


Hence his nickname, The nervous patient is easily frightened. Due to this, he might never want to go to another dentist appointment again.


Michael E. Rodgers


It is unknown why he was called "Nervous Patient", possibly because he was frightened by the whole experience by Dr. Alan Feinstone.

He is the first character to be played by Michael E. Rodgers, as it was his "unofficial" minor film debut.

This character only had one line in this film.

There's not much information about this character.

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