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Nerdy Birdie! (renamed The Bird Word) is a Canadian-American animated sitcom produced by DHX Media and Saban Brands. It debuted on Nickelodeon on March 26, 2013, and YTV on April 20, 2013.

The series revolves around a Canadian teenage owl whose family moves to the United States.

On May 1, 2018, Saban sold its current products to Hasbro, which includes The Bird Word.


  • Nickelodeon (Canada, United States, France, Australia, China, India, Japan)
  • CITV (UK)
  • Teletoon (Canada; 2013)


The Dowse family

  • "Nerdy" Leonardo Gregory "Birdie" Dowse (voiced by Evan Fong/VanossGaming) is a kid who tries to live the life in America.
  • Mom Dowse (voiced by Stacey DePass) is Birdie's cheerful mother. She is a professional cook.
  • Dad Dowse (voiced by Sean Cullen) is Birdie's busy father who always has the time being busy on the computer.
  • Alex Dowse (voiced by Bryn McAuley) is Birdie's bossy sister.
  • Sandra Dowse (voiced by Sunni Westbrook) is the twin sister of Fred Dowse.
  • Fred Dowse (voiced by Kyle Breitkopf) is the twin brother of Sandra Dowse.
  • Bud Dowse (voiced by Mark Edwards) is Birdie's brother who's also an inventor.
  • Pets:
    • Pinky is the pet dog.
    • Albert is the pet cat.
    • Fluffy is the pet fish.

Birdie's friends

  • Butch "Flames" Bills (voiced by Michael Cera)
  • Frank and Frankie Win (voiced by Brian Froud and Katie Crown) are fraternal twins and best friends of Birdie.
  • Donny Shoewell (voiced by Colin Dean) is a nervous boy in the school.
  • Greg Gillman (voiced by Samuel Vincent) is the bully who becomes friends with Birdie.
  • Popstar Princess Pixel (voiced by Kazumi Evans) is America's famous popstar.


  • Benson Bills (voiced by Gage Munroe) is Birdie's enemy.
  • Queen Bossy (voiced by Julie Lemieux) is the bossy teacher of Birdie's.

Additional voices

Guest voices


Season One (2013-2014)

  1. Birdie Goes America - Birdie Dowse is just your average nerd. But when his family move from Canmore, Alberta to Goodwater, Alabama, nothing will be the same.
  2. The Cookie Chatters - The siblings fight over a box of cookies.
  3. Break and Loss (and a Beanbag Toss) - Alex, Flames and Birdie break Mom's perfect picture.
  4. My Roommate, a Squirrel - A squirrel refuses to leave the house.
  5. Boredom - The kids use their imaginations on a rainy day.
  6. Sister Knows Best - Alex is forced to become nice for an entire day.
  7. Dragons, Dragons, and More Dragons - A board game leads to a big adventure.
  8. The Crew’s Cruise - Saturday mornings, the best place to watch cartoons. But when Birdie, Flames and the Wins accidentally set aboard a cruise trip, they must find a way back home.
  9. Random Nerd - Bud and Birdie switch bodies.
  10. Pups Never Lie - Frank and Frankie adopt homeless pets.
  11. Keeping it Heal - Benson breaks his back.
  12. Magic Backpack: Birdie behelms a magical backpack whose ability is to pull out random objects.
  13. One Regular Boy on One Regular Day - Flames becomes "normal" after seeing his doctor.
  14. S.O.D.A. (Serious Organization of Dangerous Activities) - The teachers make up new rules and become a fun-stopping team.
  15. Freaks Beware! - The gang encounter new foes called the Freaks.
  16. By the Rules - Mom and Dad set up house rules so that their kids would stop having fun.
  17. The Win Twins Go Infinity (…and Beyond!) - The Win twins compete at the Big Fat School Games.
  18. Boys’ Day Out - The boys have a fun Saturday...but things don't go as planned.
  19. Duck Dangerous the Dangerous Duck - The kids encounter a duck whose job is to keep children safe.
  20. Nerd-itis - The family has a bad case of bird flu.
  21. Fat Boy and Little Man - Flames becomes fat after eating too much junk food.
  22. Twist the Time - Birdie tries to undo an embarrassing moment, but changes the course of the timeline.
  23. I Ain’t Allergic to Oranges - The Wins discover they're allergic to oranges.
  24. Sixteen Little Things - Ned isn't ready to become 16.
  25. All the Goodwater - Fresh air and clean water are ruined by a new evildoer.
  26. Badwater (Season Finale) - Goodwater becomes an apocalyptic wasteland, and chances are Birdie's friends might miss him if he goes back to Canada on his birthday.

Season Two (2014-2015)

  1. Boys’ R Us - The boys have a day off...with Frankie and Alex joining on the fun.
  2. Attack of the Nerds: A Halloween Special - Birdie's friends turn into...FREAKS!
  3. Desertin’ n’ Nerdin’: Birdie and Bud get lost in the desert...Until they are saved!
  4. Game and Fortune - Greg and Donny compete to see who gets the highest score.
  5. Birdie’s Lazy Legs - Birdie relaxes and takes a swing at the internet.
  6. It’s Our Christmas Pleasure - Pinky hides the Christmas presents from the Dowses.
  7. When They Go Rough, They Go Soft - Biff and Buff discover a little sinking feeling.
  8. (Dis)agreements and Arguments - Frankie and Frank have a little dispute just before the Big Fat GamerCon XXVI would begin.
  9. When You Fish Upon A Star - Fishing with dad isn't as what you'd normally expect for Birdie.
  10. The Crazy Dude - Birdie tries to prove that he's cool.
  11. Sweet S.O.D.A. - The S.O.D.A. team return—to plot revenge on the whole town!
  12. Lie Another Day - Telling the truth means trouble for Donny and Greg.
  13. No See, No Do - Birdie loses his glasses.
  14. Dang! The New Nerd’s In Town - The new kid named Wyldflower is shy because she thinks her new friends would laugh at her pink hair.
  15. Reality Bites - Flames tries to make an awesome video.
  16. Positive Thinking - Flames becomes smart.
  17. A Nerdy Meltdown - Donny and Greg have a major meltdown.
  18. Ruffin' It- Birdie tries to roughin' things up with Pinky, the family's pet guard dog.
  19. Fashions Don’t Do Makeup - Alex tries desperately to change the hair of Popstar Princess Pixel.
  20. My Butt Buddy - Flames injures his rear, and the gang make it more comfortable for him.
  21. The Nerd Word - What's it like if you're the one who has a special move?
  22. Goof Off - The Annual Goodwater Goof-Off has many of Goodwater's goofiest goons getting gratefully grand.
  23. The Nerd Is Inside Ya - Flames tries to solve a math equation.
  24. Goodwater Day - Birdie is overwhelmed that the town's water is polluted.
  25. Animal Behavior - Things go out of hand when a monkey heads into the house.
  26. The Summer Starts Now! (Season Finale)

Season Three (2015-2016)

  1. Popstar Nerd - Popstar Princess Pixel returns to Goodwater...and Birdie is in L-O-V-E.
  2. Nerd Time Crime
  3. Dojo Donuts
  4. II Cool IV School - Birdie's dad butts him out when he fails to solve a quiz and has to attend school.
  5. Freaks vs. Nerds: The Maximum Super-Mecha Kaiju Flow-Go Super-Sized Robot Episode - The Nerd Birds rival with the Neat Freaks...This time with giant robots!
  6. Journey to the Center of the Nerd - When the Freaks take control of Frankie, the Nerd Birds take a fantastic voyage inside her body.
  7. The Good, the Bad and the Nerd
  8. The Glasses Don’t Make the Nerd - Frankie must prove that she's officially a nerd.
  9. Little Do Frank and Frankie Know...
  10. Big Is Better, Small Is Not
  11. Saints of Canada - Birdie recalls back where he hanged out with his old friends from Canada.
  12. King of Mount Marshmallow - The boys camp out at Mount Marshmallow
  13. Donny and Greg Do Nothing - Donny and Greg are stuck in another dimension alongside a van.
  14. From Dumb to Smart - Frank becomes smarter and abandons his friends as a result.
  15. Plain Nerd Bird
  16. The Bacon-Nator - Bud creates an invention that would make any food taste like bacon. But there's also side effects.
  17. Hope to Say Hello
  18. Confessions of a Teenage Nerd - Pixel learns that she is a nerd on the inside.
  19. Dawn of the Nerd - Wrestling professional Donny competes with sumo wrestlers.
  20. A Nerd’s Greed for Gold (Flames and Misfortune in other countries) - It's St. Patrick's Day, and Greg has good luck all around him. The others, not so much.
  21. A Man or a Nerd? - Birdie proves that he is a "manly nerd"
  22. Good vs. Great - Birdie's baseball team is rivaled with baseball robo-rookies from another planet.
  23. Felt Like I’m Five
  24. Buddy Be Gone - Birdie and Flames spend a weekend apart.
  25. Respect-A-Pal
  26. Banana Montana (Season Finale) - Pixel is rivaled by an old foe.

Season Four (2016-2017)

  1. Goose Go Loose
  2. Just Sea Me - Donny fears of going to the sea.
  3. Lil’ Nerd
  4. Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind 
  5. Brainy to Beat the Bird
  6. Internet Nerd
  7. L-ICE-nce to Drive,
  8. Chili Doug / The Two Gregs
  9. Get Cra-Z!
  10. Orange S.O.D.A.
  11. The Nerd Generation
  12. Das Nerd
  13. Pot Wheels
  14. I Likey Mikey
  15. Nerd Burger
  16. Ice Popstar - Pixel returns with a chance at ice skating.
  17. Tastes Like Nerd
  18. Fizz Frizz
  19. Black-n-Yellow - Everything stings when bees go savage on Bee Day.
  20. Kick It To The Max
  21. Nerd’s Best Friend
  22. The Snack-n-Stack Hack - Someone stole all the snacks from the Snack-n-Stack. This is a big mystery for Birdie....
  23. When Good Things Get Bad
  24. Oh, Boy, Oh, My!
  25. To Love or Not to Love
  26. Birdie's Fourth of July Special (Season Finale)- Birdie learns all about the exploits of the Fourth of July.

Season Five (2017-2018)

  1. What's the Buzz, Birdie?
  2. Nerd Birds of a Feather
  3. Showdown at St. Sherman's
  4. Roadies!
  5. You Can't Spell Fraction Without Action
  6. Under the Knees of a Bird
  7. One Flu Over the Canadian Nest
  8. It's Not Easy Being Flames
  9. Elementary, My Dear Birdie
  10. Blind Ties
  11. Make It Pretty
  12. Holobird
  13. Legends of the Meat-Mutton Mellow
  14. When a Bird Gives You Apples, Make Apple Juice
  15. Teeth Are Forever
  16. Dude, Where's My Nerd?
  17. Work the Attitude, Dude
  18. Knot the Best Time - Birdie
  19. Easy Cheesy
  20. The Last Uni-Tron
  21. Lawn Gone Dog
  22. Don't Do, Dance
  23. The Lousy Lunch
  24. Cupcake Escapade/Goodwater News at 5
  25. The Penultimate Episode Where You Don't Get to Know Any Secrets Until the Next Episode (This Is the Second-to-Last Episode, Right?) - It's almost summer, and Birdie is ready for school to let out. The only problem is, he gets stuck in a time loop.
  26. Graduation Anticipation (or, The Grand Finale Episode Where All Secrets Will Be Revealed...Really!) (Series Finale) -

Home media

DVDs are released through Lionsgate.

  • The Big Move (released October 21, 2013)
    • Episodes: Birdie Goes America, S.O.D.A., Keeping It Heal, I Ain't Allergic to Oranges, Nerd-itis, Boys' Day Out
    • Special Features: Printables, Meet Birdie and Friends featurette, bonus Power Rangers Megaforce, Digimon Fusion, and Julius Jr. episodes
  • Discover Your Inner Boy! (released April 8, 2014)
    • Episodes: Boys' R Us, Boredom, Dragons, Dragons and More Dragons, Twist the Time, Magic Backpack, Duck Dangerous the Dangerous Duck
    • Special Features: Meet the Parents and Teachers, bonus Power Rangers Super Megaforce episode
  • A FREAKY Halloween (released November 21, 2014)
    • Episodes: Attack of the Nerds - A Halloween Special, Freaks Beware!, Random Nerd, Fat Boy and Little Man, When They Go Rough, They Go Soft, (Dis)agreements and Arguments
    • Special Feature: Bonus Power Rangers Super Megaforce episode
  • Frank and Frankie's Super Best Win Twin Bits! (released December 3, 2016)
    • Episodes: The Win Twins Go Infinity (…and Beyond!), Pups Never Lie, Little Do Frank and Frankie Know..., (Dis)agreements and Arguments, I Ain't Allergic to Oranges, Dojo Donuts


  • Nerdy Birdie: The Post-Graduation Movie - Summer's just begun, and Birdie and the gang are having a great time. But there's one difference: Professor Abraham threatens to ruin Goodwater by having safety robots everywhere. Join Birdie, Frank, Frankie, Donny, and Greg Gillman on a super-sized quest to find true heart in friendship, freedom, and best of all, themselves.
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