Need for Speed: Underground Bundle is an updated re-relase and at the same time, tweaked versions of the Need for Speed: Underground games. They are set to be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Contents for the Bundle

  • Disc One (Catridge for the Nintendo Switch version): Need for Speed: Underground and Need for Speed: Underground 2 (while the games would remain mostly the same, there will be things that would be fixed and added).
  • Disc Two (DVD for the Switch version): Behind the Scenes for both games and the Soundtrack for both games


  • There are more cars that aren't included in the original releases in which are added in the remastered versions of the games.
  • More licensed songs are included exclusively for the remasters.
  • The visuals are tweaked and updated to make them more alive and realistic.
  • Many areas that are glitched in which aren't accessible in the second game at Bayview are now accessible in addition to Olympic City being included as an additional Open-World in the game.
  • The Star System is omitted, due to it being a hated featured by the community.
  • Pretty much of the cut content for both games are included.
    • Examples are the presets for the Cars that are originally intended to be used, the unused traffic cars, much of the scrapped cars that are found in the files for both games and the planned customization sections.
  • The scoring system is tweaked.
  • The Computer Animated cutscnes use the same style as with Need for Speed: Payback and Need for Speed: Heat, though with some tweaks and changes.
    • In addition to that, much like the latter, the customizable Avatar can speak.


Need for Speed: Underground Bundle/Soundtrack


  • In order for every version of the first disc (catridge for the Nintendo Switch version) to include nearly everything from the original games, things are tweaked to fit well with the consoles and PC while adding newer content exclusive for the remasters.
  • Just like Burnout Paradise Remastered and Need for Speed Heat, the games won't include microtransactions, due to the controversies about gambling in video games occuring in the real world.
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