NBA Slam Dunk: Birth of New Guardians is an upcoming animated series based on NBA teams from Cool Orchid Productions.



  • Carl Thunder (voiced by Nolan Massey) - the leader of the guardians whose favorite team is the Golden State Warriors.
  • Joey Claude-Backlan (voiced by Brendan Coplen) - Carl's friend who is a Boston Celtics fan.
  • Evelyn Legend (voiced by Sam Skinner) - Carl's love interest and a Minnesota Timberwolves fan.
  • Loraine Starer (voiced by Autumn Hudgens) - a member of the guardians and fan of the Chicago Bulls.
  • Dominic Gryles (voiced by Quentin Sharp) - a guardian wanting to be a basketball player under his favorite team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.
  • Moira Smith (voiced by Sam Hoffseter) - a tomboyish girl from Canada who is a Toronto Raptors fan.


  • The Backboard (voiced by Joe Ross) - a highly intelligent A.I. who formed the new guardians.
  • Robin Conwell (voiced by [male]) - a random audience member who goes to be a big help soon and becomes Lucky's best friend.


  • Rumble the Bison (also voiced by Nolan Massey) - the mascot of the Oklahoma City Thunder and is pretty much a goofball and secretly one of the founders of The Guardians.
  • Lucky the Leprechaun (voiced by Alex Pappas) - the mascot of the Boston Celtics and is to be an Irish fighter when bad things happen he is ready to take the foe on.
  • Benny the Bull (voiced by Dillon Rhodes) - the mascot of the Chicago Bulls who is short tempered and sometimes stupid.
  • Hugo the Hornet (voiced by TBD) - the mascot of the Charlotte Hornets who is somewhat serious.
  • Moondog (voiced by TBD) - the Cleveland Cavaliers' current mascot and a friendly dog.
  • Chuck the Condor (voiced by TBD) - a highly shy condor who is the Los Angeles Clippers' mascot.
  • Stuff the Magic Dragon (voiced by TBD) - a magical dragon and the mascot of the Orlando Magic.
  • Thunder (voiced by TBD) - the mascot of Golden State Warriors and a superhero.
  • Clutch the Bear (voiced by TBD) - the mascot of the Houston Rockets and a happy bear.
  • Burnie (voiced by TBD) - an energetic anthropomorphic ball and the Miami Heat's mascot.
  • Harry the Hawk (voiced by TBD) - The Atlanta Hawks' mascot and a hawk who is rather vigilant.
  • Crunch the Wolf (voiced by TBD) - a constantly hungry wolf who is the Minnesota Timberwolves' mascot.
  • The Coyote (voiced by TBD) - an inventive coyote and the San Antonio Spurs's mascot.
  • Pierre the Pelican (voiced by TBD) - a cowardly pelican who is the mascot of the New Orleans Pelicans.
  • Jazz Bear (voiced by TBD) - a carefree bear who is the mascot of the Utah Jazz.
  • Slamson the Lion (voiced by TBD) - a brutish Lion and the Sacramento Kings' mascot.
  • The Raptor (voiced by TBD) - a smart raptor who is the Toronto Raptors' mascot.
  • [might make up representatives for the teams with no mascots]


  • Personal Foul (voiced by Sam Ross) - a mysterious new threat who invented countless DribbleDrones wanting to rule the world using the cores of the NBA teams.
  • [robot Assistant, male or female, comedic relief or basically a starscream] (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • [evil guardian or nah]


  1. Guardians Rise


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