Boruto's Test I

  • [Then, the character appears of nowhere and on top of a building greeting Naruto and Boruto.]
  • Character: Hey, I'm right here.
  • Mitsuki: Here's your ally, here she is he/she everyone.
  • [The Character sees Boruto and Sarada coming in.]
  • Character: Who the hell are you guys?!
  • Boruto: You're surprised I'm sure.
  • Sarada: We can explain everything to you later, but right now we have to test to see how much strength you have.
  • [Boruto and Sarada charge toward him/her and the cutscene ends.]

Boruto's Test II

  • [Then they stopped fighting]
  • Boruto: He's/She's really strong as the 7th Hokage. Anyway, sorry for attacking you by the way.
  • Character: That's okay, but what's going on here?
  • Mitsuki: Let us introduce ourselves first.
  • Boruto: I'm Boruto Uzumaki, this is Sarada and Mitsuki. And we're on a mission.
  • Character: What sort of mission?
  • Boruto: It's a mission to stop the ones who try to do a history change.
  • Character: Alright, what's this got to do with me?
  • Mitsuki: You can see here, this place is not the world you're familiar with. This is Hidden Leaf Village.
  • Boruto: We're Team 7. But now, you can call us, the Time Patrol. If history goes off course, false timelines are created. We worked together to prevent these changes to history. As members, we fight through time. Most of the time, we deal with legendary ninjas, or powerful foes. Whatcha think? You want to test out your strength and see how effective it is?
  • Sarada: Boruto, should have explain a few things first. But I might as well do it. Take a look around, in this place there other members of the Time Patrol member. You can talk to them if you like. We'll hear your answer when you have the chance.
  • Character: I'll think about it.
  • [End of cutscene]

Into the Time Valley I

  • [In a strange place]
  • Character: What is this place?
  • Boruto: I honestly don't know, but try to stay cautious....
  • Character: Got it.
  • [While the Character and Boruto are discovering the new place, a mysterious shadow ninja comes out of nowhere and attacks the two.]
  • Boruto: Crap, we're not the only ones here!
  • Character: Who are those guys!
  • Boruto: I don't know, but they're not welcome here! Let's take them down!
  • [More shadows appear]
  • Character: Dammit, where'd they come from?!
  • Boruto: Somewhere I guess. But we can't discuss it now. Let's fight them off!
  • [End of Cutscene]

Into the Time Valley II

  • [After their fight with the shadowy figures, they get away]
  • Boruto: Damn! They've got away.
  • Sarada: Boruto! Rookie!
  • [Sarada arrives]
  • Sarada: Are you guys, alright?
  • Boruto: Yeah, Sarada. A couple of shadows attacked us, but we managed to fend them off.
  • Sarada: We better get to Time Valley.
  • Character: Time Valley?
  • [At the unknown valley, the trio has made it]
  • Boruto: Made it.
  • Character: Boruto, Sarada. What is this place?
  • Boruto: As you can see here, Rookie. This place. We call this the Time Valley. Each Hokage manages this place the same way they run the village. Right there, we have the Time Vault, it has very important texts.
  • Sarada: There's something we need you to take care of.
  • Character: Yeah?
  • Mitsuki: It's not a big deal, so let's head over to the Time Vault.
  • [End of cutscene]

Into the Time Valley III

  • [We go to inside the temple, where Sarada picks up a leaf that has a dark glow]
  • Sarada: This is the scroll of time. All of time, every history from the past. They're all in these leaves in the Time Tree.
  • Boruto: But recently... Here. Just take a look at this.
  • [The screen zooms to the dark glowing leaf and it transforms into a scroll and they see what's changed]
  • [End of cutscene]

Naruto and Sasuke vs Haku I

  • [Where young Naruto and Sasuke are fighting Haku]
  • Naruto: Take this!
  • Sasuke: Naruto, NO!
  • [Then, Naruto, get beaten by Haku and then lied there half-dead]
  • Haku: Over here.
  • [He appears behind Sasuke and then stabs him in the chest, and laughs evilly as he glows dark aura]
  • [End of cutscene]

Naruto and Sasuke vs Haku II

  • [Back to the present]
  • Sarada: If history is anyway altered, it could change the world and fate as we know it.
  • Character: I understand your statement, Sarada.
  • Sarada: We don't have a choice, we have to stop it. [hands the character the scroll] We can't let history change.
  • Boruto: Right now, our dads are in trouble and need help.
  • Sarada: Please!
  • Character: Let's begin!
  • [Sarada smile]
  • Sarada: We knew we'd picked the right guy. [hands the character the scroll]
  • Character: Okay, here I go.
  • [Then, he disappears in a flash of light]
  • [End of cutscene]

Naruto and Sasuke vs Haku III

  • Sasuke: Naruto, dammit! Don't!
  • Naruto: These bastards don't know when to give up?!
  • Zabuza: You'll need to try harder than that, boys!
  • Sasuke: Ergh! We will!
  • [Sasuke charges himself toward Zabuza and Haku]
  • Haku: I'll handle them, Zabuza.
  • Zabuza: Do as you wish. I'll deal with Kakashi
  • [Then he starts his attack on the two, but the character arrives and blocks the attack and Haku is pushed away]
  • Haku: What the?
  • Sasuke: Someone you know, Naruto?
  • Naruto: No. But... I'm sure it's that person we can trust.
  • [They prepare to have a battle with Haku]
  • [End of cutscene]

Naruto and Sasuke vs Haku IV

  • [Haku throws his ninja tools at the trio and they dodged it as they begin fighting]
  • Naruto: That's a close one!
  • Haku: I'd say it was a close one, your skills need more training.
  • [And before they battle]

Dialogue boxes

  • Haku: No matter how many of you are, you can't defeat me.
  • Naruto: Hey, can we get your help?
  • Sasuke: Hmph! Try not to be a drag.
  • Boruto: Can you hear us? Okay good.
  • Sarada: Listen, we'll be supporting from the Time Valley. Here, Haku is stronger and crueler than his original form. Please you have to defeat Haku, so our dads can finish him.
  • Character: I'm on it!
  • [End of cutscene]

Naruto and Sasuke vs Haku V

  • Naruto: Alright!
  • Character: Sasuke, let's do it.
  • Sasuke: Leave it to me!
  • [Sasuke charges at Haku, but he misses and Haku is about to kill Naruto, but Sasuke runs quickly and saves him, and lies in his arms]
  • Naruto: Sasuke! Why? Why did you do that?!
  • Sasuke: I don't know. My body just moved... without thinking. Naruto don't let, your dream die.
  • [Then, he passes out. Naruto begins to be filled with rage at Haku, and then, the Nine-Tails chakra has been awakened and he attacks Haku and finishes him with one punch, and Naruto breathes down]
  • Naruto: Serves you right.
  • [Wakes toward the knocked down body and then he sees that the character is gone.]
  • Naruto: But who was that ninja that helped me and Sasuke? Where did he/she...?
  • [End of cutscene]

Naruto and Sasuke vs Haku VI

  • [Then, the character is back to the Time Vault]
  • Boruto: Thank you, thank you very much. That was amazing. We didn't think it is your first time.
  • Sarada: Great work, rookie. You corrected the timeline.
  • [The scroll glowing aura is gone as the scroll is back to normal]
  • Mitsuki: Once the 7th Hokage puts it in a scroll, it'll all be done.
  • Character: But what about Sasuke? I couldn't save him from that-
  • Sarada: You don't have to worry about my dad. He's been healed by my mom.
  • Boruto: But... we can't celebrate just yet.
  • Character: What do you mean?
  • Sarada: Well, you see. This scroll isn't the only one with a "history change."
  • Boruto: Talk to us when you're ready. Take your time.
  • [End of cutscene]
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