My Secret Samurai Life
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Voices of

Dante Basco

Country of

United States



No. of seasons


No. of episodes

TBD (List of episodes)




Running time

22 min (approx.)


Cartoon Network Studios


Warner Bros. Television Distribution



Cartoon Network

Original release

July 8th, 2005-October 15th, 2009

My Secret Samurai Life was an American animated action-adventure television series, being created by TBD. It was produced by Cartoon Network Studios and it aired on Cartoon Network from July 8th, 2005 until October 15th, 2009.


A teenager who descends from a lineage of samurais often engages in adventures to prove his worth while trying to hide it TBD.



  • Austin Kanaki (voiced by Dante Basco) - a TBD Japanese American teenager who is secretly a samurai and fights the TBD.


  • Jason Kanaki (voiced by James Sie) - Austin's TBD father who taught him his TBD.
  • Kate Kanaki (née Jordan) (voiced by Elizabeth Daily) - Austin's TBD mother who TBD.
  • Cho Kanaki (voiced by James Hong) - TBD
  • Snarky (vocal effects by Dee Bradley Baker) - Jason's pet monitor lizard who just lays in his cage.
  • Shirley Marsden (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - a tomboyish teenage girl who Austin has a crush on as she TBD.
  • Tom Wallson (voiced by Greg Cipes) - Austin's TBD best friend who TBD.
  • April Rogers (voiced by Ashley Johnson) - the rude most popular student who has an one-sided crush on the samurai while Tom has a crush on her as TBD.
  • DJ Mark Marsden (voiced by Casey Kasem) - a disc jockey and Shirley's father who is TBD.
  • Kaitlyn Marsden (voiced by Jennifer Hale) - TBD
  • Mr. Trucke (voiced by Tom Kenny) - a history teacher who loves ancient history and is one of the only few people who know that Austin is the samurai.
  • Principal Andrew Stilt (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - TBD
  • TBD (voiced by Quinton Flynn) - TBD
  • TBD (voiced by Cathy Cavadini) - TBD
  • The Kitsune (voiced by Lauren Tom) - one of various spirit creatures who reside in a mystical spirit world.
  • TBD (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - TBD
  • Ninja Luke (voiced by Phil LaMarr) - a fictional ninja character from the TV show, Ninja Luke.
  • CV-38 (voiced by Nathan Fillion) - TBD
  • TBD (voiced by Jim Meskimen) - TBD


  • The Yokai King (voiced by Robert Englund) - a TBD yokai who is TBD.
  • Jerome Madstein (voiced by Nolan North) - a crazy teenage mad scientist who swears himself to be Austin's arch-enemy.
  • Sophie Roberts (voiced by Mae Whitman) - an emotionless and rebellious teenage girl who plots to destroy TBD.
  • Hector Rhodes/Parasyte (voiced by David Faustino) - TBD
  • Morgan Axel (voiced by Lara Jill Miller) - the morally corrupt CEO of Axel Corp who is known for her cutthroat business techniques.
  • Black Rat (voiced by Kevin Conroy) - a dark and brooding supervillain who is capable of controlling rats.
  • The Teal Lady (voiced by Kath Soucie) - TBD
  • Squirts the Kappa (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz) - a kappa who TBD.
  • Grundal (voiced by John DiMaggio) - a troll who TBD.
  • Nina Rocke (voiced by Tara Strong) - TBD
  • The Elemental (voiced by Khary Payton) - a malicious being who has the abilities to control various elements as he causes chaos.
  • Old Man Mark (voiced by Frank Welker) - TBD
  • The Dark Samurai (also voiced by Dante Basco) - a villainous version of Austin from an alternate dimension who attempted to replace him.
  • Tunovgold (voiced by George Takei) - TBD
  • The Energy Eater (voiced by Hynden Walch) - a powerful monster who has been feasting on the energy of cities.
  • TBD (voiced by Daran Norris) - TBD
  • TBD (voiced by Brad Dourif) - TBD


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  • This series premiered on the same day as Camp Lazlo.
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