In 2020, Hasbro asked Warner Bros. Animation to start creating numerous original traditionally animated movies based on My Little Pony. Said movies have much more action and mature writing than the Equestria Girls and 2017 pony movies, have smaller casts to save money on voice acting, shy away from instant-win artifacts, and recycle many of their songs from other sources.


Trixie and Mega Man X

Flash Magnus: Bucking Invincible

Wind Whistler and Fizzy: Return of the 80s Ponies

Twilight Sparkle: Friendship vs Fighting

Somnambula: Pole of Hope

DJ-P0N3: Bass Cannon

Fist of Braves GaoLyra

Scooby-Doo and Detective Rarity

Pillars of Old Equestria

Metal Gear Sparkle

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