The spin-off feature full length movie and during the end of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Friendship Games starting with two Twilight sparkles and experience of going to hitched their summer vacation to the Ever Free Park for the Fund-Raising of Protecting the Forest Gala Extravanganza and along the way, also featured a brand new characters, new songs, and a many new surprises.


KirschHeels---a vengeful dusk squad captain of the fallen King Sombra and a Pegasus--- is ready to unveils the most terrifying plot ever and its taking place on the alternate world of Sci-Twilight in search of a park called Everfree Park, where it is a perfect environment for the Tree of Corruption. With a mysterious telepathic botanist named Gloriosa and backed by his frightful squadrons, it's enough to turn the elements of nature into the elements of nurture! Only Princess Twilight Sparkles and his friends must stop them before it descent into chaos. Can Flash and Spike enable to cease his deplorable double and the vile opposition of the Tree of Harmony for the camp?

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