This is how I, Coolot1, alongside DonaldoC1997, envision the Generation 5 of My Little Pony.

The fifth generation of My Little Pony is an American adventure-fantasy toyline manufactured by Hasbro since November 25th, 2019.


Set in a land inhabited by ponies, dragons and other kinds of animals, a small group of ponies alongside their dragon friend head to find out any possible threat that haunts Equestria and learn more about the secrets of the region and the reason of the mysterious disappearance of Lady Comet.



  • Lady Celestia - a protective but rather naïve unicorn who leads the Core Five and wants to find out the secrets of Equestria as she is out for aventure while seeking the truth behind her mother's disappearance.
    • Nightmare Celestia - Celestia's corrupted form who manifests after she got into touch with the Nightmare Forces as she is out to cause chaos and destruction of all of Equestria.
  • Lady Luna - Celestia's brainiac younger sister who is obsessed with knowledge and follows her in their quest to find out why their mother left them, hoping that they can be reunited with her.
  • Spike - a wise but rather jokey dragon who is the royal sisters' loyal adviser and adoptive uncle, joining the Core Five in their adventures and being Waterfall's crush as well.
  • Eclipse - a gothic Earth pony who reluctantly joins the Core Five as she believes that the world they live in is way too happy for their own good.
  • Waterfall - a friendly pegasus who loves to make new friends and collecting bugs as well as just enjoying nature as a whole, having a crush on Spike as well, nicknaming him "Spikey".
  • Isabelle - a lazy Earth pony who prefers to read comics or play video games rather than being out for adventure, often being dragged by Celestia to join the team.


  • Lord Emperus - Celestia and Luna's caring father who is the ruler of Equestria and looks for them while dealing with several royal problems.
  • Eve - a wise unicorn who serves as a counselor to the royals, providing advice and aid to the Core Five, often warning about the dangers that surround Equestria.
  • Touchdown - a competitive male pegasus who befriends the Core Five and who Celestia has a crush on, despite being unaware of her affections.
  • Slam Dunk - a sporty unicorn who is Touchdown's best friend and is TBD.
  • Mystica - a self-absorbed unicorn who is often bragging about her wealth and whom Celestia has a strong dislike of, since she is more successful than her in relation to cash and fame.
  • Sir Hooves - an adventurous male unicorn who is out for peril and often comes to advice the Core Five about several perils across Equestria for their safety, being Celestia's idol.
  • Captain Glamour - a fashionista Earth pony who is the captain of the guards and a good friend to the royals, being Isabelle's mother as well, often embarrassing her when trying to make her more like a proper lady.
  • Gill - a hippocampus who leads a secret underwater society where all citizens TBD.


  • Lady Comet/Empress Hollow - a diabolical alicorn who believes that ponies should join forces to obey her orders and make Equestria her own empire, being later revealed as Celestia and Luna's mother.
    • Carrion - Hollow's loyal second-in-command who is responsible for her army and often charges at them for TBD.
  • Grim - a ruthless dragon who wants to enslave Equestria by using his brute force to cause TBD.
  • Frighta - a TBD necromancer alicorn who leads the Nightmare Forces as she TBD.
  • Claudius the Goldhearted - a TBD pegasus who claims to be a legendary knight as TBD.
  • Ssslumber - a cold, hammy and sinister naga who is TBD.
  • [maybe I want to pull out a Cozy Glow and make a cute character who is actually evil, young unicorn] - TBD

Television adaption

My Little Pony: Friendship to the Max
Television show information



Based on

My Little Pony by Hasbro

Developed by


Voices of

Grey Griffin
Hynden Walch
Seth Green
Elizabeth Daily
Amanda Leighton
Ashley Johnson



Country of

United States





Meghan McCarthy

Running time

22 min. (approx.)


Allspark Animation


Entertainment One




Original release

April 1st, 2020-present

A tie-in animated television series named My Little Pony: Friendship to the Max, alternately known as Hasbro's My Little Pony: Friendship to the Max, was eventually made, being developed by TBD. It is produced by Allspark Animation and it airs on Hub since April 1st, 2020.

Voice cast


See List of My Little Pony: Friendship to the Max episodes.

Equestria Girls

A fellow spin-off toyline was later released under the name of Equestria Girls, following a similar concept to its G4 counterpart.

This spin-off follows humanized versions of the Core Five at Esquestria High while Spike attends Equestria University as they usually engage in some TBD.


  • Despite reusing concepts from previous generations, Generation 5's developers want to make it more attractive to both classic and newer fans by including newer concepts for characters and make it rather darker by developing new myths and legends along with an ongoing mystery.
    • Despite still targeted to female audiences, the developers also wanted to include elements that could attract male audiences as well by adding more types of humor and even using TBD.
  • The designs for the characters are the following:
    • Celestia and Luna are essentially younger versions of their G4 counterparts as unicorns.
    • Spike is the exact opposite, being his G4 design, but older.
    • Eclipse has long straight purple hair and black fur, having a skull cutie mark.
    • Waterfall has short wavy dark blue hair and grey fur, having a leaf cutie mark.
    • Isabelle has long curly red hair and orange fur, having a pillow cutie mark.
    • Emperus has dark blue hair and white fur, having a sword cutie mark.
    • Eve has long wavy brown hair and olive green fur, having a shield cutie mark.
    • Touchdown has dark brown hair and light brown fur, having a football cutie mark.
    • Slam Dunk has orange hair and light orange fur, having a basketball cutie mark.
    • Hollow has long wavy light brown hair, dark purple fur and a spiral cutie mark while using a black cape and hood.
      • Before her corruption, she had short straight pink hair, light purple fur and a crown cutie mark.
  • Unlike their G4 counterparts, Celestia and Luna were aged down to the same age as the remaining Core Five members, being now unicorns as well.
    • Also unlike G4, Celestia is the one to be corrupted by the Nightmare Forces rather than Luna.
  • The franchise fans' often nickname this generation as "The Teen Age" due to featuring younger versions of Celestia and Luna in the lead roles.
  • According to its developers, Celestia is 16, Luna is 15, Spike is 21, Eclipse is 17, Waterfall is 15 and Isabelle is 16.
  • The developers' decision to cast Tara as Eve was especially to symbolize a sign of passing the torch to a new generation, considering she voiced the lead character Twilight Sparkle in the previous generation.
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