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This is the transcript of the film My Little Pony (DreamWorks Film).


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  • Twilight (narrating): Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there lived eight powerful princesses who rule the land with peace and perfect harmony. Their names are; Celestia, Princess of Radiance... Nebula, Princess of Luminosity... Luna, Princess of the Night... Aurora, Princess of the Day... Cadence, Princess of Family... Crystal, Princess of Quintessence... my best friend Sunset Shimmer, Princess of Harmony... and last but not least, there was me: Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship. It's my job to help make Equestria a better place for every kind of creature.

Festival of Friendship

We Got This Together

Tempest Shadow Arrives

(Suddenly, black fog appears in the sky)

  • Twilight: Storm clouds?! What in the name of Celestia is this? Rainbow Dash! I thought I said perfect weather!
  • Rainbow: Hey! Don't look at me! And I don't think those are storm clouds.

(A strange ship flies down Equestria)

  • Pinkie: Ooh, maybe it must be the clowns I ordered!

(The ship crashes into some poles, causing them to fall down)

  • Pinkie: Or maybe not.

(The staircase appears, and out walks a strange black hedgehog named Grubber. He activates his megaphone machine and clears his voice)

  • Grubber: Citizens of Equestria, we come on behalf of the fearsome, the powerful, the most almighty... Storm King!

(The citizens start cowering and whispering. Fluttershy whimpers loudly while Indigo hugs her)

  • Grubber:


  • Twilight:
  • Spike:
  • Sunset:
  • Garble:
  • Nebula:
  • Sunset:
  • Nebula:


  • Celestia:
  • Tempest:
  • Twilight:
  • Tempest:

Find the Queen

(Meanwhile, Applejack's hat flows across the river until she grabs it)

  • Applejack: Is everyone alright?
  • Rarity: I think my bottom's on backwards.
  • Lemon: Man! We just got our hooves handed over to us by the worst party crashers ever, yo!
  • Rainbow: (furiously) We gotta get back there and fight 'em!
  • Sour: (sourly) Yeah! No one hurts the Princesses and gets away with it!
  • Garble: Well, you guys saw the size of those goons. You seriously wanna go back at this rate?
  • Applejack: So now what? We can't just hide here forever.
  • Sugarcoat: (sighs) I'm not sure, AJ. And let's be honest here, we can't go back. I mean, look what they done
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