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This is my alternate reality of My Little Pony if it was produced by DreamWorks Animation. It was first made as a film created by Universal Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, Hasbro Studios and DHX Media. It was released in January 16th, 2017.

Later, it earned their own TV show: My Little Pony: Harmony Goes Forward, which was released on June 20th, 2017.

The movie has gained lots of positive reviews, including praises for the Mane Group's voice actresses and Emily Blunt's performances.


When a mysterious dark force threatens to destroy Equestria, alicorn princesses Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer, and their friends; Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity Belle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Sugarcoat, Indigo Zap, Sunny Flare, Sour Sweet and Lemon Zest, as well as their dragon friends Spike and Garble, must venture on a quest to save Equestria once and for all while meeting new friends along the way.

Full Plot

The film starts off with Twilight Sparkle introducing the eight princesses who rule the magical land of Equestria with perfect harmony. She has a group of friends that help her learn what the magic of friendship is all about, and be the true princess that everyone needs her to be.

All of the animals and creatures from all over Equestria come together to celebrate their very first Festival of Friendship, and Spike runs through town with an armful of scrolls. However, Twilight was extremely nervous about it because she has a meeting with the other princesses. She visits her best friend and fellow princess Sunset Shimmer, who was reading a story to the Cutie Mark Crusaders at her kingdom. When Twilight told her that she was really nervous about her meeting, Sunset assures her that everything will be just fine. Meanwhile, Garble comes to visit Sunset, and there was an awkward silence between them since they each have a huge crush on each other.

Twilight went to the throne room and starts her meeting with Princess Celestia, Princess Nebula, Princess Luna, Princess Aurora, Princess Cadence and Princess Crystal. She has a perfect plan for the festival: repositioning the sun and moon for the concert performance of pony pop star Songbird Serenade. However, the princesses tell Twilight that each of their magic serves a purpose and that, as the Princess of Friendship, she already has all the magic she needs to make the festival a success.

Meanwhile, Twilight and Sunset's group of friends, as they called themselves "The Mane Group", are setting up the festival's main stage area: speedy and loyal pegasus pony Rainbow Dash clears the weather, fun-loving and laughable earth pony Pinkie Pie makes balloon animals, joyful music lover unicorn pony Lemon Zest was testing the music on her turntables, shy and timid but kind pegasus pony Fluttershy rehearses with her chorus of animals, bipolar yet loveable chef pegasus pony Sour Sweet and honest and strong apple farmer earth pony Applejack sell out the banquet and drinks, vain but creative and noble artist earth pony Sunny Flare was creating star sculptures and polishing star-shaped gems, patient and sincere pegasus pony Sugarcoat waters the plants and flowers, and competitive but brave and fearless builder pegasus pony Indigo Zap and ladylike and generous fashion stylist unicorn pony Rarity Belle decorate the stage.

Twilight, Sunset, Spike and Garble approach the gang, and Twilight shares with them her disappointment in the other princesses' rejection of her festival ideas. She then gets nervous and starts freaking out, wondering her purpose of being a pony at all. Sunset tries to reassure her by telling her that she is a special creature in her own way, and she's got this, leading the Mane Group and all of Equestria into the song We Got This Together. However, at the end of the song, Pinkie's party cannon accidentally fires a giant cake at Twilight, causing a huge mess. Plus, Twilight briefly embarrassed herself when she accidentally splatters cake on Songbird Serenade, who was visiting Equestria.

Suddenly, the party was interrupted a dark force led by the commander Tempest Shadow and her hedgehog assistant named Grubber, who work for the malevolent Storm King. Tempest wants the princesses' magic, but Princess Nebula tell her that there are hundreds of Equestria and one of her. That's when Tempest orders an army of Storm Guards to attack the land.

She then uses magical orbs to petrify the Princesses and turn them into obsidian statues. Cadence is the first one to be petrified after protecting Crystal. Celestia gives the other princesses incomplete instructions to seek help from "the queen of the hippo" beyond Equestria until she was petrified too. The princesses try to escape, but unfortunately Crystal, Aurora and Luna were petrified as well. Nebula tells Sunset to lead Twilight and the others away and find the "queen of the hippos" themselves while she tries to hold off the army. Tempest almost turns Twilight to stone as well, but Rainbow swoops in to save her, causing Derpy Hooves to get caught in the crossfire. The Mane Group tries to escape the city, but the Storm Guards cut off their escape route. Twilight blasts them with her magic, but it reflects off one of their shields and destroys the bridge they're standing on, and they plummet into the river and over a waterfall.

Once the ponies are safe from danger, they try to decide what to do. Having heard Celestia's earlier instructions to Nebula and the other rulers, Sunset suggests they go south and seek out the "Queen of the Hippos" themselves. Some of the ponies (mainly Rarity, Fluttershy and Indigo) are scared of traveling beyond Equestria's dangerous borders, but they stick with Twilight nonetheless.

Meanwhile, back in Canterlot, everyone has been captured and put in chains. In the throne room, Tempest communicates with the Storm King via potion spell, who asks if she's captured the Alicorn princesses. Because the Storm King needs the magic of all eight princesses to empower his Staff of Sacanas and restore Tempest's horn, she tells him to give her three days to prepare for his arrival. Unfortunately, Grubber enters and informs her that Twilight and Sunset unfortunately escaped.

Some time later, the Mane Group travels through a vast desert, and Pinkie and Spike are getting delirious from the heat. As Spike collapses from exhaustion, he discovers a cobblestone road leading to a small, industrial city called Klugetown. The city is populated by shady creatures looking to buy and sell anything, and the ponies' arrival is noticed by an anthropomorphic cat in a red coat. Twilight suggests they not draw too much attention to themselves, but Pinkie immediately does just that by asking around about the "Queen of the Hippos".

The creatures of Klugetown become interested in buying the ponies, Spike and Garble, but the cat in the red coat intervenes, claiming them to be infected with a fatal illness called pastelus coloritis. The creatures flee from the "infected" ponies, and the group thanks the cat—who introduces himself as Capper Dapperpaws—for his help. Capper offers to escorts them to the "Queen of the Hippos", secretly intending to sell them to settle a debt. As Capper begins to develop a genuine friendship with them (especially Sunny, who shows her nobility towards him, a reluctant Twilight (who does not trust him one bit) discovers an atlas that reveals the "hippos" to be hippogriffs, half-pony, half-eagle creatures who live at the top of Mount Aris, suddenly exposing Capper's true intentions (much to the dismay of the Mane Group).

Tempest and Grubber soon arrive as well, and the ponies escape using Verko as a distraction. After a hectic windmill chase across the city, the Mane Group stows away on an airship just before it departs from the Klugetown docks. Meanwhile, Tempest takes Capper prisoner and demands to know where the Mane Group is going. Capper, remembering the nobility that Sunny showed him, points Tempest toward Black Skull Island—in the opposite direction of Mount Aris.

On the airship, the ponies hide from its crew of anthropomorphic parrots, but they are soon discovered. As indicated by the insignia on their uniforms, they are also in league with the Storm King. As the parrots decide what to do with the stowaways, they turn to their leader Captain Celaeno. After consulting the Storm King's rule book, Celaeno declares that they be tossed overboard. But just before they do so, the union whistle blows, and the ponies unwittingly join the parrots for a gruel lunch.

Celaeno and her crew are indentured delivery parrots for the Storm King. When Twilight asks to "deliver" her and her friends to Mount Aris, Celaeno refuses out of fear of suffering the Storm King's wrath. The ponies learn that before the parrots served the Storm King, they used to be sky pirates. Through the song Time to Be Awesome, Rainbow and her friends encourage the parrots to oppose the Storm King's iron-fisted rule and return to their swashbuckling ways. Inspired by Rainbow's words, the parrots discard their uniforms and raise their ship's rainbow-colored sails. In celebration of the pirates' return to glory, an over-excited Rainbow performs her signature Sonic Rainboom that inadvertently gives their location away to Tempest, much to Twilight's dismay and chagrin.

As Tempest's ship approaches Celaeno's, the pirates hide Twilight and her friends below deck. Tempest and Grubber board the ship and asks where Twilight is, but Celaeno and her crew claim ignorance. Below deck, Twilight fears the pirates will give them up and comes up with an idea, with help from Indigo. She opens the hatch on the ship's undercarriage, and the ponies fall through the sky. In midair, Twilight and Indigo use a crate, a Storm King flag, and some rope to create a makeshift hot-air balloon, and they and their friends fly toward Mount Aris.

Back on Captain Celaeno's airship, Tempest finds Twilight's map and learns of her and her friends' next destination. As punishment for harboring the princess in secret, Tempest destroys Celaeno's ship.

After climbing the long stairs leading up Mount Aris, the gang finally reaches the Hippogriff Kingdom, but finds it to be abandoned and in ruins. As the ponies start to wonder if their journey was in vain, they hear someone humming and follow the sound to an underground pond. When the humming creature hears the ponies approach, it escapes into the water. Twilight and her friends try to pursue the creature into the pond, but they are suddenly sucked into a whirlpool and trapped in a submerged cavern. Before they drown, magical air bubbles appear to allow them to breathe, courtesy of the creature they encountered earlier. When the creature learns that the Storm King invaded the Mane Group's home and that they are looking for the Hippogriffs, she reveals herself to be a seapony named Princess Skystar. Understanding the ponies' plight, Skystar takes them to meet her mother.

The ponies find themselves in the underwater kingdom of Seaquestria, home to the seaponies. In the throne room, Skystar introduces the ponies to her mother Queen Novo, who is furious to see surface dwellers in her domain. After Skystar vouches for them, Twilight asks what happened to the Hippogriffs, and Skystar tells the story against her mother's wishes. Long ago, the Hippogriffs did indeed live on Mount Aris, but the Storm King invaded their home, and they fled. Skystar reveals that the seaponies are, in fact, the Hippogriffs themselves, transformed by Queen Novo's magical pearl. Novo demonstrates her pearl's power by transforming the ponies into seaponies, Garble into a seadragon, and Spike into a pufferfish. Twilight asks if she can use the pearl to save Equestria from the Storm King, but Novo refuses in order to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

As Novo leaves for her seaweed wrap, Skystar, eager to make new friends, invites the ponies to stay in Seaquestria forever, but they decline, saying their home and families are in Equestria. Though saddened, Skystar understands and leaves. Pinkie feels sorry for Skystar and asks if they can stay a little longer and give Skystar and Novo the best time ever. Twilight unexpectedly agrees while secretly planning that Pinkie, Rainbow, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Lemon and Spike distract the seaponies while she, Sunset, Sugarcoat, Indigo, Sunny, Sour and Garble try to steal the pearl without Novo finding out.

Pinkie approaches the sad Skystar and starts singing One Small Thing, offering to have some fun with her before they leave. Their games together slowly turn into a celebration, and the rest of the seaponies join in. Even Queen Novo gets swept up in the friendship party and decides to trust the outsiders. However, before Novo can offer to do something to help them, Twilight accidentally triggers the alarm and she and the others were caught trying to steal the pearl. The now enraged and betrayed Novo calls Twilight and the others "traitorous fools" and never wants to see them in the first place, resulting in the entire group getting banished to the surface.

After they wash up on the shores of Basalt Beach, this causes a huge fight between Twilight and the others as her friends are furious with her for going behind their back and trying to steal from the seaponies. Twilight defends her decision by saying they aren't in Equestria, and that their usual methods of resolving problems aren't good enough to save their home. As Pinkie and Twilight get into a heated massive argument about how little Twilight trusts her friends, an outraged Twilight lashes out by saying she'd be better off without friends like them. Twilight tries to take back what she said, but Pinkie refuses to hear it and walks off, with the rest of their friends following after. Spike and Garble attempt to comfort Twilight, but she falls into deep remorse over her actions.

Sunset gives Twilight a hug as Twilight breaks down in tears, barely knowing who she is anymore.

Cast and Characters

  • Angelina Jolie as Twilight Sparkle; an alicorn pony who is the leader of the Mane Group. She is the main protagonist of the film. She is the Crown Princess of Friendship. She represents the element of Magic. She likes reading, studying, and making magic. Twilight is a natural-born leader being an intelligent and dutiful scholar wise beyond her years with an avid love of learning and scientific discoveries. She holds a great interest in knowledge and science, being able to create intricate devices and solve complex mathematical equations, and her intellect rivals that of her best friend Sunset Shimmer. She leads her friends in spreading harmony across Equestria.
  • Melissa Benoist as Sunset Shimmer; a phoenix alicorn pony who is the co-leader of the Mane Group. She is the main deuteragonist of the film. She is the Crown Princess of Harmony, and Twilight's best friend. She represents the element of Empathy. Sunset is very mature, smart and responsible, just like her best friend. She is organized and understands under the concepts of friendship, and teaches to her disciples and students what the magic and function of friendship is all about. She is also shown to have a pleasant, sincere and honest personality. She always likes to hang out with her dragon assistant Garble (whom she has a crush on), and will always encourage her friends to a new story.
  • China Anne McClain as Rainbow Dash; a pegasus pony who is a member of the Mane Group. She represents the element of Loyalty. Rainbow is very loyal and adventurous, and is totally obsessed with speed and adventure. She is a star athlete, and is great at any type of games. She helps other pegasi manage the weather around Ponyville and spends her time practicing flight maneuvers such as the "Sonic Rainboom".
  • Emily Osment as Pinkie Pie; an earth pony who is a member of the Mane Group. She represents the element of Laughter. Pinkie is eccentric, friendly, cheerful, energetic, talkative and comedic. She is a total party animal, and was raised by a "dreary rock farm". Pinkie is defined as a "hard worker" motivated in seeing people she loves smile and relieving them of stress, by randomly throwing parties and acting as outlandish as possible. She has a pet alligator named Gummy, and works at the Sugarcube Corner.
  • Bridgit Mendler as Rarity Belle; a unicorn pony who is a member of the Mane Group. She represents the element of Generosity. Rarity is very ladylike, fashionable, and a talented seamstress with a love for art and beauty. Despite her arrogant and melodramatic tendencies, she has a generous spirit and strives to create dresses that capture their wearers' inner beauty. She works at a fashion shop.
  • Jennette McCurdy as Applejack; an earth pony who is a member of the Mane Group. She represents the element of Honesty. Applejack is honest, strong, courageous, forthright and the most "down-to-earth" of the Mane Group; being a trustworthy friend who is optimistic and has good judgement. She is also "too eager to please", and has a stubborn persona. She works at her family's farm in Sweet Apple Acres.
  • Naomi Scott as Fluttershy; a pegasus pony who is a member of the Mane Group. She represents the element of Kindness. She is usually shy, cowardly, nervous, timid, mild-mannered, fearful, submissive and a bit of a wallflower, but can sometimes be tough and authoritative whenever a friend or animal is harmed. She works at an animal shelter, and has a huge love for animals. She has a pet bunny named Angel.
  • Victoria Justice as Sugarcoat; a pegasus pony who is Applejack's best friend, and a member of the Mane Group. She represents the element of Patience. True to her name, she is a true sugarcoat. Sugarcoat works at the Canterlot Garden. She is usually peaceful, reliable, quiet, patient, diligent, and sincere with her friends. Sometimes, she can be strict, serious, blunt, frank and sarcastic, but in a more well-meaning, honest and friendly way than her original counterpart. Other than Applejack, since her friends are usually quirky, she is the "straight but gentle" mare of the group. She is also very sincere about friendship, and knows how to make the friendship honest and more optimistic. She hates lies and doesn't like it when people speak ill of her, her friends or family. She is very patient and cares about others a lot, especially her best friend Applejack.
  • Lucy Hale as Indigo Zap; a pegasus pony who is Rainbow's best friend, and a member of the Mane Group. She represents the element of Bravery. True to her name, Indigo likes to work things out like a zap. She works at a fix-it store, and really loves to build and create things. Indigo is extremely competitive and loves sports, but unlike her original counterpart, she accepts defeat, and congratulates the winner as she is most likely to lose. She is really very cooperative and loyal to her friends, especially her best friend Rainbow, in which the two have in common: competition, playing games, being athletes and very fast. Sometimes, she can be a bit of coward in some difficult challenges and insecurities of playing sports that are dangerous, in which she seems to be afraid. She is brave, fearless, arrogant (sometimes), compassionate and very friendly, as she will help her friends in difficult times.
  • Gwen Stefani as Sunny Flare; an earth pony who is Rarity's best friend, and a member of the Mane Group. She represents the element of Nobility. Sunny has a few traits like her original counterpart, however, she is very more thoughtful, noble, generous, and creative. She is the most brilliant artist in all of Equestria, and she loves to make great paintings and drawings. She is also an excellent party planner, and likes to make jewelry and polish gems. She likes fashion like Rarity, but not as much since she enjoys spending more time with her friends than designing and creating clothes. She is the most balanced of her friends, but she cares deeply for them, which is why she inherited the element of Nobility towards Rarity, her best friend.
  • Mandy Moore as Sour Sweet; a pegasus pony who is Fluttershy's best friend, and a member of the Mane Group. She represents the element of Love. True to her name, she has a bipolar personality where she alternates between being sarcastic and mean (sour), and obnoxiously nice (sweet). But thankfully though, she knows how to control it. Sour works at a bakery/restaurant called the Sweet Snacks Cafe, and loves to bake and cook things. She is usually very calm, compassionate, gentle, pleasant, sweet and loving, but can sometimes be sour to mean people and villains who mess with her or any of her friends and family. She is a life support guardian to her best friend Fluttershy, and will always protect her friends no matter what.
  • Katy Perry as Lemon Zest; a unicorn pony who is Pinkie's best friend, and a member of the Mane Group. She represents the element of Joy. True to her name, she is very zesty indeed. She is probably the most musical girl in all of Equestria, and she even owns a music store. She loves every kind of music you could think of, but prefers pop and rock. She has a few traits like her original counterpart, but not as competitive like her. She is the most lively, joyful and peppy one, and loves to sing and dance along to songs at parties with her best friend Pinkie. Surprisingly (considering Twilight and Sunset are the brains of the group), Lemon can be much more smarter since she also displays admirable skills in science and engineering, as well as predicting future possibilities. She has a pet pig named Giggles, and is the only unicorn who can fly without wings. Lemon is the one with the most joyful spirit and always wants to make her friends always smile when they are sad by singing songs to them.
  • Cathy Weseluck as Spike; Twilight's adoptive younger dragon brother. Spike fulfills the role of Twilight's "number one assistant" to which he is named so for his loyalty and skill at helping Twilight solve problems and learn lessons. He is also described as having a crush on Rarity, an insatiable appetite for sparkly gems, and the ability to send letters via his fiery dragon breath.
  • Debi Derryberry as Garble; Sunset's dragon assistant and love interest, and the younger brother of Smolder. Garble always stands by Sunset no matter what. He is funny, playful, comical, impish, and a great assistant, but sometimes shy and romantic when he is with Sunset. He loves flying with his little wings, eating food, sleep in everything, and hanging out with Spike and the Mane Group.
  • Nicole Oliver as Princess Celestia; the main ruler of Equestria. She is the Princess of Radiance.
  • Aloma Steele as Princess Nebula; Celestia's best friend, and Aurora's younger sister. She is a bat winged unicorn pony who is the co-ruler of Equestria. She is the Princess of Luminosity.
  • Hynden Walch as Princess Luna; Celestia's younger sister. She is the Princess of the Night, and was formerly known as Nightmare Moon.
  • Alison Brie as Princess Aurora; Luna's best friend, and Nebula's older sister. She is the Princess of the Day, and was formerly known as Daybreaker.
  • Britt McKillip as Princess Cadence; Twilight's old babysitter and older sister-in-law. She is the Princess of Family.
  • Eden Riegel as Princess Crystal; Sunset's good old pal, Twilight's aunt-in-law, and Cadence's cousin. She is the Princess of Quintessence, and was formerly known as Queen Chrysalis.
  • Emily Blunt as Tempest Shadow/Fizzlepop Berrytwist; a unicorn pony without a horn who works for the Storm King as his second-in-command. However, she is a young unicorn who has trouble with friendship. So she joined the Storm King, just so he can repair her horn.
  • Michael Peña as Grubber; Tempest's hedgehog assistant.
  • Liev Schreiber as the Storm King; the main antagonist of the film.
  • Taye Diggs as Capper Dapperpaws; a cunning, yet good-hearted con artist alley cat. She is closer to Sunny Flare.
  • Zoe Saldana as Captain Celaeno; a jaded parrot pirate captain who is relegated to the Storm King's delivery service. She is closer to Rainbow Dash.
  • Kristin Chenoweth as Princess Skystar; a hippogriff princess from Seaquestia. She is closer to Pinkie Pie.
  • Uzo Aduba as Queen Novo; Princess Skystar's mother.
  • Sia as Songbird Serenade; a very famous pegasus pony singer in Equestria.


Main article: My Little Pony (DreamWorks Film)/Transcript


(After the Mane Group was banished from Seaquestia and transported back to the surface of Basalt Beach)

  • Applejack: Girl, what in the hay were you thinking?! I mean, trying to steal their pearl?
  • Sugarcoat: See? This is why I've been telling you it was a bad idea!
  • Indigo: Yeah, way to go, Twilight! We went through a long way, and now thanks to you, we can't even go back to Seaquestia 'cause we're banished from there!
  • Twilight: (sighs) I'm sorry. I thought it was the only way to save Equestria.
  • Pinkie: Yeah, but it wasn't! Queen Novo was gonna say yes, and would help us, but you just blew it. We did exactly what you told us to do, and that's what made her realize we were just ponies who were worth saving our home. (gasps; angrily) Unless... that's what you've been trying to make us do all along! You didn't really want us to give her the best time ever! All you wanted us to do is just distract her!

(The rest of the Mane Group gasp in shock)

  • Twilight: Well I never would have done it, but this... this is not Equestria! I've been trying to get you all to focus on the mission and be more serious, but you won't even listen to me! I can't believe you guys! Your usual ways of resolving problems like this aren't even good enough to save our home! I mean, seriously! We can't just dance around with some stupid con artists, put on music shows, blast ourselves with a cannon, make sonic booms in the sky, and expect everything to work out like this! It's not enough! This is not enough! We are not enough!
  • Pinkie: No, Twilight. You just don't get it, do you? We are a team! We stuck together! We work things out together! We were gonna get the help we needed! The only one who was trying to stop us... was you. I mean, look at yourself. You're the one who has been bossing us around a lot, rushing us, and even rejecting the friends we met. This isn't the same Twilight we know and love. You're supposed to be our brains, our leader, our friend!
  • Twilight: Well I'm doing the best I can, okay? I know I've been acting like this, but this is my journey. It's all on me. I have the Element of Magic. I'm the one Tempest needs. I'm the Princess of Friendship!
  • Pinkie: Yeah, but you're also the only person who doesn't trust her friends on anything!
  • Twilight: (outraged) Oh yeah? Well, maybe I've would've been better off being alone instead of hanging out with so-called friends like YOU!!!!

(Pinkie gasps in shock and sadness with tears in her eyes. Sunset, Spike and Garble watch this and are a bit surprised. The rest of the Mane Group look at Twilight in disbelief as Fluttershy whimpers. Twilight was even shocked herself.)

  • Twilight: (feeling sorry) Pinkie, I-I'm...
  • Pinkie: (sniffles; remorseful) I'm sorry, Twilight. I just can't talk to you right now. And you're right, I guess you would be better off without us. (she then leaves sadly)
  • Sugarcoat: (angrily) What is your problem, Twilight?! You have no right to yell at Pinkie like that! And you know what? She's right! You're not the same Twilight we know! You're just being mean, bossy, egotistical and careless. Maybe this is a terrible idea of going on this journey. I can't believe what kind of friend you are.
  • Twilight: (gulity) Look, I'm sorry. I just couldn't help myself. All I wanted to do was find an easier way to save Equestria, but you guys won't even pay attention to me. I just want someone to agree with me.

(Rainbow, Indigo and Sunny growl at her, Rarity and Applejack stare at her in disgust, and Fluttershy, Sour and Lemon just looked down sadly)

  • Sugarcoat: (bluntly) I think this would be better if you never became our friend in the first place. Come on, guys. Let's go. (she then storms off)

(Rainbow, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Indigo, Sunny, Sour and Lemon follow Sugarcoat with their heads down)

  • Indigo: Thanks for nothing, Twi...
  • Sunny: I feel like I don't even know you anymore.
  • Sour: (sourly) Some friend you are...

(Applejack just shook her head at Twilight in disbelief. Moments later, Twilight depressingly walks away in the other direction, leaving Sunset, Spike and Garble alone)


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  1. The Purpose of a Princess (Performed by Nicole Oliver, Aloma Steele, Hynden Walch, Alison Brie, Britt McKillip and Eden Riegel)
  2. We Got This Together (Performed by MLP Cast feat. Angelina Jolie, Melissa Benoist, China Anne McClain, Emily Osment, Bridgit Mendler, Jennette McCurdy, Naomi Scott, Victoria Justice, Lucy Hale, Gwen Stefani, Mandy Moore and Katy Perry)
  3. Be Strong (Performed by Lucy Hale)
  4. We Are Ready (Performed by Katy Perry)
  5. Go With the Flow (Performed by MLP Cast feat. Katy Perry)
  6. I'm the Friend You Need (Performed by MLP Cast feat. Taye Diggs and Gwen Stefani)
  7. Time to Be Awesome (Performed by MLP Cast feat. China Anne McClain and Zoe Saldana)
  8. One Small Thing (Performed by MLP Cast feat. Emily Osment and Kristin Chenoweth)
  9. We Will Win (Performed by Angelina Jolie and Melissa Benoist)
  10. Open Up Your Eyes (Performed by Emily Blunt)
  11. Rainbow (Performed by Sia)
  12. Off to See The World (Performed by Lukas Graham)
  13. Thank You for Being a Friend (Performed by Rachel Platton)
  14. Can U Feel It (Performed by DNCE)
  15. I'll Chase the Sky (Performed by Jessie James Decker)
  16. No Better Feelin' (Performed by CL)
  17. I'll Be Around (Performed by Palmer Reed)
  18. Neighsayer (Performed by Lukas Nelson)

Rewrite Changes/Trivia

  • There are now 12 members of the Mane Group, including Sunset Shimmer. The Shadow Five: Sugarcoat, Indigo Zap, Sunny Flare, Sour Sweet and Lemon Zest, are also in the group, only they are pure good versions of their original counterparts.
  • The Mane 12 have new voice actresses.
  • Rarity's last name is Belle.
  • Applejack talks normally, but still has her cowgirl charm.
  • Garble is remade as Sunset's dragon assistant and love interest.
  • Sunburst is Sunset's older brother.
  • Sunset is also a princess.
  • Twilight and Sunset's parents are Kings and Queens in their kingdoms, so they are already princesses prior to the film and series.
  • Celestia, Luna and Cadence now have twin sisters. However, Chrysalis was remade as a good princess.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders now has 6 members, including Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon and Gust Clock, who are now Sunny, Sugarcoat and Indigo's adoptive sisters. Scootaloo is also Rainbow's adoptive sister, and she can fly now. Diamond is now a unicorn, and is renamed Dazzle Flare. Plus, they all have different Cutie Marks that match their personalities.
  • The characters from My Little Pony: The Movie appear in the film, and the plot is somewhat similar to it.
  • Everypony, anypony, and somepony was just changed normally to everyone/everybody, anyone/anybody, and someone/somebody. This is because other animals and creatures, other than just ponies, all live together in Equestria.
  • The new members of the Mane Group have their own elements:
    • Sunset Shimmer = Empathy (linked to Magic)
    • Sugarcoat = Patience (linked to Honesty)
    • Indigo Zap = Bravery (linked to Loyalty)
    • Sunny Flare = Nobility (linked to Generosity)
    • Sour Sweet = Love (linked to Kindness)
    • Lemon Zest = Joy (linked to Laughter)

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