My Heart Goes Out to Azazel is an American animated adult supernatural dark comedy television series created by TBD, being produced by TBD and aired on Netflix on July 26th, 2019.


A demon named Azazel was assigned to go to a creepy girl to be her demon buddy, but a crazy incident happened which caused him to end up with a friendly girl named Melody, as those two get themselves into chaos and despair.



  • Melody Hart (voiced by Mae Whitman) - a very friendly and comedic teenage girl who loves Azazel despite not getting the demon she was going to have.
  • Azazel (voiced by Troy Baker) - a sadistic demon who didn't want to be Melody's demon buddy and has often tried to escape from her.


  • David Hart (voiced by TBD) - Melody's protective and friendly father who wants her to be safe.
  • Suzy (voiced by TBD) - a ghostly little girl who wants to be friends with anyone who finds her mansion.



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