My Best Friend, the Satanist is an American animated adult black comedy television series, being created by Mike Judge. It is produced by Judgemental Films, 3 Arts Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Television and it airs on FX since July 26th, 2015.


A teenage girl befriends a gothic girl who is secretly a satanist as she slowly gets pulled into the world of satanic worship.



  • Katherine Bellows (voiced by Lacey Chabert) - an alpha bitch teenager who finds Jezebel and grows a close bond with her and helps her with her satanic plans for the world.
  • Jezebel Williams (voiced by Lara Jill Miller) - a gothic teenager who worships Satan as she tries to impress Satan by doing some bad stuff.


  • Lauren Groverson (voiced by TBD) - Katherine's stupid other best friend who often tries to TBD.
  • Satan (voiced by Mike Judge) - the cold-hearted ruler of Hell who is rather rude and often does things just because he is bored.




The series is extremely controversial due to tackling religious subject matter and making the main a Satanist.


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