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Mrs. Judson
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Mrs. Judson
Films The Great Mouse Detective

Disney's Adventures on Whells Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse

TV Shows House of Mouse Disney.png
Friends The class of Miss Frizzle
Enemies Team of Professor Norton Nimnul
Park attractions The Great Mouse Detective

The Magic School Bus

Mrs. Judson is a secundary character in Disney's Adventures on Whells.

Adventures on Whells

Mrs. Judson is friend of dr. David Q. Dawson, appears in the consultation of doctor the when Miss Frizzle and her class Billy Hatcher to his house to make him a check-up doctor since he was not well. While she served a you and hot buns guests explains les strange phases of their beautiful flowers that slowly dying. Miss Frizzle and her class make a trip with Busy Bus inside of flowers discovered the problem were a few tiny robots created Professor Norton Nimnul.

House of Mouse

She makes a cameo clapping in House of Mouse with Basil and dr. David Q. Dawson.