Howard Trollman
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Feature films
Television programs Duo-Franchise
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jim Gaffigan
Performance model
Inspiration Slipknot from Suicide Squad
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Character information
Full name Howard Nevel Trollman
Other names Mr. Trollman
Personality Fatherly, honest, sensible
Appearance Same as Prime Mr. Trollman
Birthday 1999
Occupation Myles Bot (briefly)
Alignment Good/Neutral
Goal To help his family and join the rebellion in order to do so (all failed)
Home Trollman Residence (formerly)
Homebase (briefly)
Relatives Zachary Delightful (adoptive father; formerly), Myles Bots (adoptive siblings; formerly)
Allies Zachary Delightful (briefly), Black Ranger (briefly), Will Turner (briefly), Other Myles Bots (briefly)
Enemies Ian Hawke/Airborne
Likes His family and friends, Zachary (briefly), being confident
Dislikes Being called weak, Zachary (presumably), his family in danger, losing his life, villains
Powers and abilities Super Strength (briefly)
Weapons Power Tie (briefly)
Fate Faces Airborne (formerly Ian Hawke) in a subway and gets pushed into an oncoming train by Ian killing him while Perry takes his place as a member; wounds up later getting his family homeless and broke until eventually getting killed in a bombing orchestrated by Margie Schneider
Quote "Ian?!" (His last words)

Mr. Howard Trollman is a brief member of the Myles Bots and the first known person on the team to ever get severely hurt, killed off or defected.

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