Mr. Toad in the Mystery of the Night Monster Is A 1995 Film.


Voice cast

Les Perkins as Mr. Toad

Rob Paulsen as Mole

Jeff Bennett as Rat

Jim Cummings as Angus MacBadger

Greg Burson as Cactus Yogi

Justin Timberlake as Bubbles Bear

Jim Varney as Panther

Ned Beatty as Mr. Mixer

Wallace Shawn as Coward

Eddie Murphy as Joe Jello

Tom Hanks as Neckbite

Tim Allen as Shoe

Sherman Howard as Wyoming and Jim Hanks


Get The Facts

Complete Monster Bear

Who Will


Randy Newman


April 8, 1995

Home media releases

February 20, 1996 VHS

October 4, 2005 DVD

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