Mr. Killman
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Feature films
Television programs Duo-Franchise
Video games
Books and Comics
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Mark Hamill
Performance model
Inspiration Hattori Tatsu from TMNT 2012
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Speed Killman
Other names
Personality Villainous, determined, ruthless, cunning, sociopathic, murderous, two-faced, monstrous, evil, sadistic, manipulative, calculated, cold-hearted, diabolical, deranged, delusional, vengeful
Appearance Same as Solomon Grundy
Occupation Empire Soldier (formerly)
Starr's Co-Partner (formerly)
Alignment Bad (works for Kavaxas)
Relatives Meeko (son; disowned)
Amanda (daughter)
Allies Jimmy Starr, Stank Maxwell, Meeko, Alexander, Grizzly Bear, Grizzly's Empire (all formerly), his lord Kavaxas
Enemies Zachary Delightful, Black Ranger, Yondu Udonta, Meeko, Kenny McCormick
Likes His daughter, using people, murder, enslavement, his son (formerly), selfishness, Kavaxas, incrimination
Dislikes The Myles Bots, the world being saved, goodness, Hiccup's Mother, his son, selflessness, losing his alliance with Kavaxas, death, Linden City, space pirates
Powers and abilities Strength, soul absorption
Weapons None
Fate Becomes a casualty in the Genocidal Apocaylpse when his attempt to fatally wound Zack fails causing him to fall 150 ft to his death

Mr. Speed Killman is the quaternary, later tertiary antagonist of Summer Edition 3 and a senary antagonist of the Duo-Franchise. Specifically, he serves as a primary villain of Summer Edition 3's June Arc, the main antagonist of Summer Edition 3's July Arc and the arch-enemy of the Myles Bots and Stacey Prescott as well as the main antagonist of his final episode "Return of a Killman".

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