Mr. E is a supervillain in Origin Comics. He is the leader of the criminal organization the Dead Men Underground and is a member of the supervillain group The Clique. His origin is wrapped in mystery, as Mr. E himself doesn't want anyone to know what his real name is or why he does what he does.


Mr. E is an intelligent and cunning criminal. His voice is described as being very slow and gentle, which is stranged due to his psychopathic nature. He seems to suffer from some form of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as he sees himself above everyone else, believes he can do no wrong, and will blow up at anyone who tries to tear him down. His disorder has gotten so far out of hand he doesn't see people as people, he sees them as objects he can use and throw away whenever he needs to. He may also suffer from Sociopathy, but if he does or not is currently unknown.


Mr. E is a bald man in a completely white suit and a red tie. He wears a white mask that only shows one of his eyes. His hair isn't naturally bald, as he himself says he shaves it. Why is currently unknown. He is also extremely skinny and has no finger prints for unknown reasons. His mask was finally taken off when he was captured, though he was in a human muzzle so all that was clearly shown was his eyes, revealing the eye he covers with his mask has a large scar over it.

Powers & Abilities


  • Depowering Touch: Mr. E's power is the complete opposite of Jaime's empowering touch. He can drain someone's energy away all he wants, and can even kill them if he holds them for long enough. His powers work on anyone, Supers, humans, metahumans, and the limits of it are currently unknown.


  • Hand to Hand Combat (advanced)
  • Advanced Intelligence


"I could kill you all if I wanted to..."

-Mr. E threatening the Super Project

"You're going to fight me? funny."

-Mr. E during his first fight with Jaime

"Now this would be the point where I claim we're not so different... but I won't. Because I know we're differet... and that's why I like you as my enemy. We're complete opposites in every single way. It's fascinating, no?"

-Mr. E's first meeting with Jaime


  • Mr. E was made the way he was because Gazza wanted to create a villain so evil no one could ever say his actions are justified.
  • When The Clique first appeared in The Team, Mr. E was playing chess with ATHENA and was tied with her.
  • Mr. E has a strange obsession with roses. Every one of his bases has a rose in them, even during his takeover of the prison Goliath. He even is taking care of roses in a later cameo where he is in his asylum cell.
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