The Moonstarry Guild is a middle-classed guild in the 2021 film, Glow and created by Sir Kandrum the 2nd, currently managed by his great great grandson, Rockbert in Havena. When the darkness attacks once again in the movie, most of the guild travels to Mount Motherhorn to defeat it.


Much like most guilds, Moonstarry usually follows six main traits in which one must master at least a trait in their motto to join: Bravery, Skill, Intelligence, Agility, Kindness, and Determination. There is a section for each that mainly focuses on a certain trait.


Bravery is the act of courage in heart, like when someone is face to face with danger. They feel no fear and won't run away without a conflict. That being said though, it doesn't mean fighting, just the lack of fear. Eugene tops and leads this trait.


Skill is the ability of doing activity well. In this case, mastering adventurer things such as exploring dungeons and new areas, combat, completing quests, and ability assorts. Acro leads the skill group, as a talented archer.


Intelligence is the function of the mind, acquiring new chunks of knowledge and ideas. The easiest way to earn knowledge, according to Sir Kandrum, is to go to school and only focus on your studies. Melonie leads the intelligence group.


Agility focuses on swiftness and quick motion; the ability to move very fast and nimble. This is essentially important whenever needed to act quick or platform through a path of moving objects. Tanna would lead this group.


Kindness is the quality of showing friendliness and affection towards others. This can be shown in both social and action forms, such as giving a nice comment or helping them with something. Ivy leads this group, as seen when she is revealed as a virgo.


Determination is the embodiment of perseverance and the feel of continuing a task despite obstacles in their path. Sometimes, determined ones would barely stop, even if it's too difficult, until they complete a goal. Rockbert would lead this group.

Known Members


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