Moonlake Comics is a comic strip/book company. This page shows the tropes.


  • Darker and Edgier: Dreamwalkers and Blot, at least compared to other comics owned by Moonlake.
  • Mascot: Samara Everdeen from Samara: The Ultimate Sheriff is the official mascot of the company. In addition to also being an unofficial mascot for action comics, there are unofficial mascots for each genre of the comics:
    • BDFPs (until its ending) and Triple X Vision and Gem Woman (since May 12th, 2021): For adult comedies
    • Rover and Squawks: Comic strips
    • Vampires Next Door: Family-friendly comedy comics
    • Stacy: Action comedy comics
    • The Skirton sisters: Slice of life
  • Slapstick: TBD.


  • Friendly Fandoms:
    • Due to the upcoming collaboration between Moonlake Comics and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, both fans are getting along with each other very well.
      • Even Emilia Houghton and Zachary Duncan liked the Fall Guys game, even before the collab was confirmed. They actually played Fall Guys at times during breaks on their PS4.
    • [Fortnite, since Samara and Stacy]
    • [Minecraft, for similar reasons]


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