Moogle Tales: a Final Fantasy Story is a Final Fantasy spin off game from Square Enix and Grezzo for the Nintendo 3DS. It was revealed at E3 2017 ( though not really ,since E3 isn't out yet but here's hoping).


The game focuses on the iconic Moogles ( who's design this time is similar to the one from Mario Sports Mix). Players can either create their own Moogle or just play the plain regular one. 

"Long ago in the land of Altea, an old legend speaks of a mysterious place high above the heavens. In this wondrous land, creatures of light enriched the world with dreams and wishes to people below. Then one day a dark force broke into the land and stolen its most powerful treasure: the Star Crystal. But, both the darkness and the crystal began overpowering each other until the darkness fled and the crystal was shattered into 7 Star Shards."

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