Monster Land is an upcoming live-action TV series created by Nolan Massey and Mason Price and the minds that brought you Blindspot and American Horror


After a ritual turns the entire city into Horror Two friends named Exalus and Loewe must join together and stop this horrific nightmare together.


Nolan Massey-Exalus: A 18-year-old boy who is an exorcist who has a black trench coat and black hat who doesn't use a briefcase but two swords and two outlaw pistols.

TBD-Loewe: A young cyberterrorist who later becomes good and works for the FBI. who teams up with his friend Exalus.

Joe Ross as Shadow: A mysterious man in a cloak and main antagonist for season 1.

TBD-Stephanie-A half human half ghost who befriends TBD and Exalus.who is seen in a white dress.

Dillon Rhodes-James.T Jeklore-A professor who has the blood of his great grandfather Dr. Henry Jekyll who owns the company EXCORP and knows TBD's past.

TBD as as Melvin- A priest who is bad at exorcisms and later friend to Exalus.

TBD as as Tracey- Daughter to Devon Lightfield Who is possessed by a powerful demon.

TBD as James Bleak - a cultist who kidnaps teen girls in order to have demons possess them.


"List of Monster Land episodes"

TV Rating

The show will be rated TV-MA it may contain Violence Scary Elements, Use of Alcohol, Language Blood and Gore,Sexual Themes and probably some Brief Nudity.The show will air on FX on October of 2019.

Pilot Transcipt

"Monster Land Pilot Transcipt"


The song's intro will be Tear you Apart from American Horror Story and will be instrumental version for the end credits.

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