Mon Colle Knights is an anime and manga series. It is a reboot of the original series that premired in the year 2000.


The series features an elementary school boy, Mondo Ooya, his classmate/best friend Joey and classmate/girlfriend Rockna, whose father and scientist Professor Ichiroubei Hiiragi has inventied a way to.


Mon Colle Knights

the main characters

  • Mondo Ooya: voiced by
One of the Main protagonists
  • Rockna Hiiragi:
One of the Main protagonists
  • Joey Yigami:
One the main Protagonists. Joey is Mondo's best friend
  • Professor Ichiroubei Hiiragi
Rockna's father a rather eccentric sort of mad scientist. He is a researcher who discovered the existence of Mon World.
  • Lovestar
  • Cluckputer

Professor Hiiragi's chicken-based computer. It usually serves as a monster monitor and goes off whenever a monster is nearby.

The Collection Gang

  • Prince Eccentro:
One of the principal antagonists of the series
  • Teddyarenaut

A bear-like Monster moniter created by Eccentro. He serves as the counterpart to the Cluckputer

  • Batch
  • Gluku
  • Tanaka
  • Impy:

A cheerful young Forest Imp who is Gluko's pet

Mon World Analysists

  • Madame Lucina
One of the principal antagonists of the series. Lucina is beautiful and
  • Kazu
  • Ren
  • Scan-Cat
Lucina's feline-like monster monitor

Supporting Characters

  • Naomi Loon:
  • Beginner:
  • Lailai:
  • Songstress of the Flower Garden/Kahimi
  • Luke
  • Gabriolis: A former Light Angel. During a great war between good and evil, he was wounded and left behind by his friend Lark. He felt betrayed and abandoned and embraced the darkness that Redda offered him transforming him into a Dark Angel thus aligning him to the Dark Realm.
  • Lucca:
  • N-Nouncer
  • Angels: The guardians of the Realms of Mon World and the monster items.
    • Spectra Angel: The guardian of the realm of light
    • Forest Angel
    • Angel of the Oceans: The guardian angel of the Water Realm
    • Fire Angel
    • Cloud Angel
    • Twin Snow Angels: The Two guardian angels of the Ice Realm and the Guardians of the Tundra Tome, one of the monster items. Twin brothers who each have two pairs of wings. Their father was the previous guardian angel of the Ice Realm when he bravely sacrificed his life to protect his sons after he fought against Redda when he was seeking the Tome.
    • Iron Forge Angel:
    • Angel of the Cosmos:


  • Redda: A fallen angel and the Main antagonist
  • Ghaulum: A monstrous ogre who hails from the Evil Realm that seves as one of Redda's minions
  • Nocturnus the Shadow Fiend:



  • Fire Dragon
  • Chimera
  • Bisonator
  • Rex
  • Ogre Tribe
  • The Phoenix
  • Scorch the fire beast
  • Vermillion Serpent
  • Tyrannous
  • Baseball Giant
  • Lava Lizard


  • Water Dragon
  • Squirt Fish
  • Mermaids
  • Gill Men
  • Toad
  • Leviathan
  • Mist Dragon
  • Zap the Eel
  • White Dolphin
  • Pearl Princess
  • Ogopogo Fish
  • Giant Squid
  • Aquagon the Sea King
  • Water Sprite
  • Crikey the giant Crocodile
  • Tiamat


  • Earth Dragon
  • Behemoth
  • Forestor
  • Forest Elves
  • Elven King
  • Hog Clan
  • Cat King
  • Troll
  • Basailosaurus
  • Desert Lizard
  • Cave Wolves
  • Stone Gaint
  • Emerald Dragon
  • Ten-Armed Scorpula
  • Kiki the Cleaner
  • Sandworm


  • Storm Dragon
    • Batwing: Storm Dragon's son
  • Pegusus
  • Griffin
  • Airophant
  • Emu
  • Harpy
  • Sky Wyvern
  • Hurricane Eagle
  • Dragowrath
  • Sonic Condor


  • Iron Dragon
    • Steele-blade Iron Dragon
  • Ax Claw
  • Battle Automaton


  • Tundra Dragon
  • Penguin Tribe
  • King Pezno the Penguin
  • Snow Ram
  • Sub Zero Arachnid
  • Frost Maiden
  • Ice Warriors
  • Blizzard Wraith


  • Feather Dragon
    • Heavenly Feather Dragons
  • Lark
  • Light Angels
  • Centurion
  • Astarte
  • Archon
  • Sparrow Squad
  • Valkyries
  • Thunder Blade


  • Archfiend Dragon
  • Skeleton Warriors
  • Cycloptus
  • Undead Ghoul
  • Tri-headed Kobra
  • Bone Dragon
  • Grimbat
  • Nine-Headed Swamp Hydra
  • Count Dragula
  • Viperess
  • Daemon
  • Lesser Demons
  • Grave Demons
  • Zazeus
  • Gargoyles
  • Winged Destroyer
  • Dread Dragon


  • Star Warrior

Mon World

These are Nine realms within Mon World

  • Earth Realm - A realm that is partially desert and forest. Home-realm to the Forest Angel and Earth-based monsters.
  • Wind Realm - A windy realm that is mainly based in the sky above the surface. It is the home of Cloud Angel and Wind-based monsters
  • Fire Realm -
  • Water Realm -
  • Metal Realm - A realm that is themed with industrial cities, metalwork and factories. It is where all of Mon World's weapons and items are forged and created. Home realm to the Iron Angel and all Metal-based monsters
  • Ice Ream - A realm that is vast of Arctic regions and polar wastelands. Home realm to the twin Snow Angels and Ice-based monsters
  • Light Ream (Holy Realm) -
  • Darkness Realm (Evil Realm) -
  • Cosmic Realm - A realm that is theme with cosmic galaxies, futuristic cities and advanced technology. It is home to all Cosmic and sci-fi based monsters
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