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Moley (also known as Ratty 2: The Magic Bicycle) is a 1994 British-American traditional animated film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation for Walt Disney Pictures and Martin Gates Productions.

This is a sequel to Ratty.



  • Richard Briers as Rat (Ratty), a Water Vole Who Lived in a Riverbank Whose a Friend of Mole (Moley).
  • Peter Davison as Mole (Moley), a Tired Mole Who Lived in Mole End Underground Whose a Friend of Rat (Ratty).
  • Paul Eddington as Badger
  • Hugh Laurie as Toad
  • Tom Kenny as Christopher Dale
  • Rob Rackstraw as Robert Wood Johnson
  • Christopher Lloyd as Kerosene
  • Richard Tate as Henry Muck
  • Steve Bulen as Jeremy Johnson 
  • Diz White as The Rabbit
  • Frank Welker as The Birds/The Cats/The Dogs/The Swan/The Bees
  • David Wills as The Wolf, a Main Villain. 
  • Alan Young as Billy Rabbit
  • Gary Martin as Otter
  • Kevin Chevalia as Portly
  • Paul Winchell as Phil Dann
  • Rip Taylor as Albert McDeall
  • Matt Frewer as The Wayfarer
  • Jim Cummings as Richard Butler/Jock 
  • Ken Sansom as Little Richard 
  • Imelda Staunton as Mother Hare
  • Dave Foley as Richard


  • This is After The Events of Mole’s Christmas and The Adventures of Toad.
  • This is a Sequel to Ratty
  • Portly Sounds Like Jamie from Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.
  • This December of 1995’s Explainable Bonus Feature About the Making of Moley is a Dedication to Memory of Paul Eddington Which He Died in December of 1995.


  1. Finale: The Magic Store - Christopher Dale and Robert Wood Johnson 


Moley (1994 film)/Transcript


  1. Opening
  2. The New Beginning 
  3. Spring has Come Again
  4. The Crystal House
  5. Moley‘s Bedroom 
  6. This is Seriously Broken 
  7. Mr. Toad vs The Wolf
  8. Telling Stories
  9. The Magic Bicycle 
  10. The Confusing
  11. Let’s Give it a Try
  12. The Flowers
  13. Humans in Town
  14. Recommended
  15. Lost in the Woods
  16. The Straight of River Reflection
  17. A Cold Spring Night
  18. That’s Across of Final
  19. The Howls
  20. The Hearts of Skies
  21. The Rabbits in the Woods
  22. Meeting Otter and Portly
  23. Let’s Take Over the Wall
  24. The Wayfarer
  25. Trying to Talk About Naps
  26. The Night Sky
  27. The Wolf Comes
  28. Final Battle 
  29. Reunited
  30. Welcome Back Home, Ratty and Moley!
  31. Ending


95 Minutes

Release Date

December 30th 1994


Randy Edelman (score)

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