Mr. Z
Mister Z
  (also pronouced as Mr. Z) is an alien worm and one of the main antagonists of Monster Kid and Monster Kid: Master of Monsters. He is an intergalactic supervillain and one of Max Stewart's greatest foes. He is voiced by Oliver Vaquer.


Mister Z considers himseft as the greatest criminal mastermind in the universe.


Mister Z is a two-inch green alien worm.


Early Life

Mister Z is an alien worm from Planet M. At some point, he manage to create an exosuit, obtain a giant spaceship and became one of the most wanted criminals in the galaxy as he is responsible for the destruction of several planets.


Powers and Abilities

  • Alien Worm Physiology - Mister Z possess the powers of a worm.
    • Regeneration - Mister Z can heal quickly.
  • Worm Control - Mister Z has the power to control worms.
  • Genius-Level intellect - Mister Z is far intelligence beyond any other lifeform.
  • Size Enhancement - Mister Z has the power to grow bigger and stronger when feeding on fungi.
  • Web Generation - Mister Z can create organic webs from his mouth.


  • VInegar 



  • Mister Z is similar to Mister Mind, a supervillain from DC Comics.
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