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 Miss Philippines is an upcoming animated coming-of-age teen superhero comedy-drama series. It's based on an original idea by Emman V. Cortez. It would air on Disney XD and Disney Channel in the near future in addition to Disney+, Freeform and Hulu doing reruns of the series.


In a Multiverse of many alternate Realms where there are infinite possibilities inside a Superhero Video Game called Powerstorm, a young Filipina named Emeline Cortez who lives in the city of Santo Manuelito, also known as Miss Philippines, balances her responsibilities at school while fighting the forces of evil with her unique water themed superpowers.



  • Emeline Cortez/Miss Philippines (Voiced by Alyssa Mireles) - the main protagonist and heroine of the series, who is a part-time Filipina Superheroine and a student whilst the former also pits against the evilest of criminals, the most powerful of villains and the biggest of all criminals.
  • TBD.


  • The Cortez Family - the family of Emeline in which she originated.
  • The Elxtremights - a Group of Superheroes who work together to fight against the evilest of villains and criminals with Extreme amounts of Powers, Abilities and Resolutions.
    • Arlena Guezamor/Captain Philippines (Voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall) - The Filipina Leader of the Elxtremights who is a partial Solomezer/partial human of the group. She serves as a mentor to Miss Philippines who is a motherly figure.


Episode List

The creator has confirmed that there would be a lot of episodes for the series, including one that would begin with a film. Currently, there are 3 Story Arcs, with a few more Planned when the creator had good ideas to brainstorm for more Stories to be Made.

List of Miss Philippines episodes


The soundtracks for the series will be made soon.


  • The Creator confirms that it would begin to become a shared Multiverse, in a Superhero themed Video Game named Powerstorm set in the same World inside Wreck-It Ralph called the Powerstorm Multiverse.
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