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Miss Frizzle
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Miss Frizzle
Films Disney's Adventures on Whells

Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse "The Magic School Bus Movie"

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A Poem Is...

Friends The class of Miss Frizzle

Team of Sora

Enemies Team of Professor Norton Nimnul

Team of Maleficent

Games Kingdom Hearts

Nintendo & SEGA: All-Stars Racing

Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion

Park attractions The Magic School Bus

Miss Frizzle (full name, Valerie Felicity Frizzle) is the principal character in Disney's Adventures on Whells.

Adventures on Whells

Miss Frizzle it appears along with Nights for their students to learn with magical trips with Busy Bus, she fights against the Professor Norton Nimnul this wanting to sabotage their bus and use it to dominate the world, she shows a great sense of humor and great affection to his students. She is a magician as her dress changes color and its slopes alone illuminate, that flicking the fingers always makes a kind of magic.

House of Mouse

She makes a cameo clapping in House of Mouse with Busy Bus, Liz, Billy Hatcher, Rolly Roll, Goombella and Nights.

Kingdom Hearts

She appears as a character in Kingdom Hearts along with Busy Bus and Liz to give you information about the dangers.

Nintendo & SEGA: All-Stars Racing

Miss Frizzle is a playable character with Busy Bus in Nintendo & SEGA: All-Stars Racing if you like the Magical Wisdom Cup.

Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion

Miss Frizzle is a character trapped in the Castle of Illusion in Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion, if you rescue it you give power to decipher secrets places.

Magic School Bus: The Next Generation

She makes returns in Magic School Bus: The Next Generation along with Liz and The Bus.

The Magic School Bus Movie

Miss Frizzle is one of the main characters of the movie. She is voiced by Maya Rudolph.