Minerva Smith is the main protagonist in the Origin Comic series Minerva Smith, Animal Hero. Minerva

Smith is a 12 year old girl who lives in a huge house and also runs largest zoo in Deer Trail, Colorado with her parents. She has Zoolingualism (The ability to talk to animals of all kinds) and is always up for an adventure with her animal friends. When she first gained the ability for the first time, Minerva was awoken at the hospital with a brain injury. After waking up, She saw a red squirrel named Nutters. She and the squirrel became the best of friends and they'll never leave behind.


Minerva is helpful, smart and adventurous like a normal girl. When she's with her animal friends or helping out with a wild animal, She is kind and is always leading a helping hand.

Family Tree

  • Winona Smith: Mother
  • Simon Smith: Father
  • Kit Smith: Baby Brother


"Have no fear, I'm here to help you!"

-Minerva's catchphrase when she and her animal friends are here to help

"There's nothing like running a very large zoo here in Deer Trail."

-Minerva explaining about her zoo

"Don't be afraid little monkey, My friends and I are here to help you"

-Minerva to Kong when meeting for the first time


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