Minecraft Story Mode: The Animated Series is a CGI Animated Series aired on Hulu, Netflix, NBCUniversal's Universal Kids and The Universal Company's Universal Kids and made by the partnership between Mojang Animation and Universal Animation Studios and distribution by 9 Story Media Group.


  1. This is the First CGI Series based on Minecraft Story Mode.
  2. The Characters, excluding Jesse and Lukas, look like a fusion between Season 1 and 2.
  3. Both Jesses will appear in the series as twins.
  4. Youtubers are present in 20 episodes of this series.
  5. The Pilot will be aired on Hulu and Netflix with the Universal Kids versions following suit.
  6. This is the 2nd 9 Story Media Group show aired on Netflix, The first being The Magic School Bus Rides Again.
  7. As a result, Ms Frizzle makes cameo appearances in the Netflix version of the series.
  8. Season 1 will have 30 episodes while Season 2 will have 40 episodes, with the 3rd season unknown.
  9. Later on, Universal confirmed the 3rd season to have 35 episodes.
  10. The logo changes depending on the channel or app you’re watching it on.
  11. Rumors that Netflix would not carry the series due to a project with Minecraft Story Mode, Netflix turned down the rumor and said they will still air the series along with working on the project.
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