Minecraft Mob Suggestions are suggestions for new mobs on Minecraft.


  • Armadillo - a mammal who can be found in desert biomes.
  • Mouse - small rodents that can be found in villages.


  • Siren - a female mob who can be found in ocean biomes and instantly attacks anyone near them.
  • Frostbitten - a variant of zombies found in snow biomes.


  • Pigman - strange fusions of pigs and humans who attack when provoked.
  • Vulture - a bird who can be tamed with meat. The wild ones can harm you if you try to attack them.
  • Crocodile - a reptile that can be tamed with meat and is ridable.


  • Dirt Golem - a variation of golems that can be made out of dirt.


  • Giant - massive hostile mobs who can be found in Giant Caves. They have different color schemes for what type of biome the cave is in.
  • Endertitan - a massive six armed Enderman with razor sharp teeth that can be found in a place called the End Citadel, which is a way to make it to the End without going into a stronghold.
  • [Nether, Frost, Flame, Gravity, Twin Headed, Light, Jungle or TBD] Dragon - TBD


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