The Face Paint Update is confirmed during E3 2020, and will be released on December 2020. It will introduce a new world/dimension, new mobs, new food, new buildings and of course, new bosses to fight.



  • The Face Paint World
    • Can be only accessed during midnight on the Minecraft world until you obtain the legendary Water Stone Key.
    • Unlike the Nether and the End, you can actually use the bed to sleep and also respawn in the Face Paint World. Therefore, you would have a choice to live in the Overworld or move and live in the Face Paint World.
    • New special objects can be obtained there.


  • Face Paint
    • Neutral mobs
    • Only spawns in midnight in the Overworld while they spawn a lot in the Face Paint World.
    • The ones with the paint on their arms rather than legs are considered VERY rare... although not as rare as Mooshrooms and Brown Pandas combined.
    • [have droppings or nah?]
  • Bonga
    • Neutral, but tamable mobs.
    • Can be tamed with apples.
  • Peacock
  • Famboo



  • Water Stone Key
    • Can be obtained after staying in the Face Paint World for 20 minutes real time or can be crafted TBD.
    • Used to open up the portal to the Face Paint World anytime.
    • TBD


  • The update adds not one, but two new bosses.
  • Peacock and TBD are the only non-Face Paint mobs to be added.
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