Minecraft: The Hunger Games is a movie based of the famous game, Minecraft, released on May 17, 2009. The movie will be directed by Chris Miller and made by Sony. It will be released on April 29, 2022. It will contain many Minecraft characters, possibly including fan skins, fighting to the death. The movie will be animated by Sony Animations.


Steve wakes up, not remembering who he is. He has only a couple hundred dollars left. He decides to waste all of it on a competiton called, "The Hunger Games" so he can get the 3 million dollar prize. As Steve makes new friends, he finds out he has to fight to the death. He starts to remember his friends and past.


Tom Kenny as Steve

Tara Strong as Alex

Tom Hanks as host

Seth McFarlane as Jack

Kevin Hart as Gabe

Tim Allen as TV reporter

Miley Cyrus as Annie

Mark Hamill as Ford

Lin Manuel Miranda as Tim

Brad Pitt as Brandon

Johnny Depp as Edd

It is announced there will be more actors, but for now, these are the only ones announced for the movie.


Production started on Febuary 24, 2017. Chris Miller wrote the script and finished it on December 27, 2017. "Animating the movie was the hardest part. It was first cartoonish, then it was 3d, then back to cartoonish, and now back to 3d, but pixelated." said an animator.

The animation has not been done yet, but is close to. "We still need more actors and the animation for the movie." said another animator. According to Chris Miller, the teaser trailer might come out by the end of 2020. No other trailer dates have been revealed for now,


Chris Buck announced during an interview that there will be music. He stated, "So far, we have only one song done." The three songs announced so far are, "Warriors", "Remember", and "Remember (Reprise)".


A sequel is planned to be released a couple years after this gets released. Nothing else has been announced so far.

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