Minecraft: The Animated Series is an upcoming CGI-animated action-adventure comedy TV series, based on the game Minecraft made by Mojang and is revealed as one of the announcements on its 10th anniversary (May 17th, 2019). It is said to be released on October 8th of the same year, centering around Steve, Alex, the players, and mobs having random adventures in Blocktopia. The show will be releasing on Netflix, created by Mojang and Warner Bros.


After a fatal war, known as The Crafton Wars, Blocktopia starts to slowly regrow anew. During this, many entities were created into the world, two of which are Steve and Alex. The show will mostly focus on the daily adventures of the duo and other entities in the world. Meanwhile, a dark, corrupted entity known as Nullstar plans to corrupt the land into the void once again, repeatedly failing because of his idiotic minions.



Steve - A male minecraftian that dreams of finding some diamonds and defeating the ender dragon one day. As the main protagonist, he likes building structures and combating.

Alex - A female minecraftian who is the main deuteragonist of the series and a close friend to Steve. She knows a whole lot of the blocky world than Steve and friendly towards the villagers.

Bliss - Steve's white, tamed dog. It is very loyal and would try to protect Steve and Alex from anyone who dares to harm them. It also has a love for bones and steak.


Sid - A lonely, timid creeper who just wants a friend, but keeps blowing up when close to someone. He sometimes tries to follow Steve, Alex, and others' adventures.

Tom - A tiresome unemployed villager who often tags along with Steve and Alex on their adventures, attempting to help. He is a comic relief character in most episodes.

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