Vicki and Kofi Tavernier arrive in Blocktura to a warm welcome, even though they are hardly recognised, except by Eddie and Eibhlin...


Main cast

  • Scarlett Alice Johnson as Vicki
  • Marcel Smith as Kofi
  • Mary Conlon as Eibhlin
  • Michael Melia as Eddie
  • Anthony Cassidy as Jack
  • Carla Stone as Rebecca
  • Emily Thomas as Alice
  • Katie Gordon as Ruth
  • Georgia Gordon as Sonia
  • Molly-Mae Taylor as Lily
  • Connor Taylor as Jaden
  • Tia Mae-Allum as Sharon
  • Jodie Martin as Lia
  • Gabriel Hicks as Zack

Guest cast

  • Oscar Kane as Eddie Jr.
  • Douglas Fielding as D.S. Quick
  • Daniel Nanzer as Mr Raunchaw
  • Mia Richardson as Miss Mandus
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