Mind Atlas is a psychological horror video game from Cool Orchid Productions


Escape a psychological horror realm linked the assets of your mind.


Dr.Jon Bevlin-psychiatrist and spirit who helps you escape and is your trustworthy ally (voiced by Nolan Massey)

Giffney-a creepy and weird person in your mind who you trust at first in the start of the game but eventually turns evil he's like a gollum like creature who talks to himself at times but thinks you are his friend but for real he wants to corrupt it and take control of it so you can stay stuck in your mind forever. (voiced by Dillon Rhodes

Mailey Hoffer-TBD (voiced by TBD)

Rebecca Bevlin- Jon Bevlin's wife who got stuck in the Mind Atlus for 2 years as you help her get out (voiced by TBD)

Officer Travis Minham-police officer (voiced by Brenden Coplen)

Sophie Leoton-TBD (voiced by TBD)

Mind Spirits- silhoueted figures who are after you and want you die from your fears

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