Miki Aono is one of the main characters in Fresh Pretty Cure.


Miki is the tallest of the Fresh Pretty Cure Team. She has light Purple eyes and hair that is mostly straight, reaching her hips with a small wave. Her bangs neatly frame her face and are worn with a white headband that has a bow on the side.

Her casual outfit consists of a pale blue shirt with dark blue ribbon sewn around the top to match the portion of material covering her chest. Along with pale brown shorts, a white scarf, and black knee-socks beneath her black boots with a white star motif. When Dance Training she wears a blue sweat jacket with white sections on the side with a popped collar. The cuffs and edge of the jacket have matching stripped blue and white patterns. She wears a light blue shirt underneath with a darker blue collar. Her sweat pants match her top and she wears blue and white sneakers.

As Cure Berry, her hair grows in length and turns lavender. It is worn in a loose, twisted side-tail held with a white headband with a blue gem heart attached to the side to match her upside-down heart earrings. Her eyes turn the same color. Berry gains a two-piece outfit composed of a pale blue, puffy shirt cut beneath her chest with a sapphire trim and a four-color clover pinned to the side of her chest. Her skirt is in three layers, with the top a light blue ruffle and the second two pale blue pieces of frilly petticoat. Around her waist is a large sapphire ribbon tied into a bow hanging from her right hip, while her Linkrun hangs from the left. She gains blue wrist pieces with dark blue ribbon wrapped around them, along with tall blue boots that have a lighter toe and heel, worn with a pair of midnight blue thigh-high stockings. On her neck is a blue choker.


Miki is kind like Love, and has a sense of humor. She is seen to be charming, mature, and beautiful by others due to her calm and elegant nature. Since little she dreamed of being a supermodel, and is very social - to the point that she wasn't sure how to approach Setsuna's lack of social skills.

She is normally calm and caring, but she is shown to have a short patience when dealing with new things.


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