Mickey Mouse: Hiya, honorary Mouseketeers, I'm Mickey Mouse!

Minnie Mouse: And I'm Minnie Mouse! We've got some friends for newbies out there.

Donald Duck: I'm Donald Duck!

Daisy Duck: I'm Daisy Duck!

Goofy: I'm Goofy!

Clarabelle Cow: I'm Clarabelle Cow!

Horace Horsecollar: I'm Horace Horsecollar, and sitting in front of us is Pluto!

Pluto: Hi! *panting*

Mickey: Together...

Minnie: ...we are...

Mickey & Minnie: ...the classical Disney company!

Others: Yeah!

Mickey: Today, we have a special surprise for those who are newbies...

Minnie: prepare to be amazed! Hit it, Horace!

Horace: You got it, Minnie!

(electrical music playing)

Hatsune Miku: Hi there, Mickey Mouse, my western name is Miku Hatsune and I'm one of the 6 Crypton Vocaloids. I see that you have your own friends here. Is there another mouse like you? I know Minnie is her name, am I correct?

(all Disney characters agreeing)

Rin Kagamine (offscreen): Then prepare to meet... *camera pans to her and Len Kagamine*

Len Kagamine: ...the Kagamine Twins!

Rin: I'm Rin.

Len: I'm Len.

Kagamine Twins: And we come from the same family.

Rin: You see, Mickey and Minnie, we have the same mommy and daddy and we have different preferences, like I fancy oranges.

Len: That's why we're the first duo in the Vocaloid media. We're from Crypton, you know.

Megurine Luka: Hello, Mickey, my name's Luka Megurine and I'm another Crypton Vocaloid. I like seafood, especially fish, because it's my preference.

Gumi Megpoid: I'm Gumi and I'm one of the Internet Co. Vocaloids. Some people like to call me Megpoid and I like carrots, just like any bunny rabbit would.

MEIKO: I'm Vocaloid Meiko and I have been made by Crypton. Guess it's true that I seem to be drunk sometimes, but I'd rather go with the tomatoes if that's OK with you guys.

KAITO: Hey there, mice and ducks, I'm Kaito and I'm another Crypton Vocaloid. Of all the ice cream flavors in the world, I like mint the best. What's your favorite flavor?

(all talking at once with Pluto panting)

Rin: Orange!

Len: Banana!

KAITO: Oh, well, since I heard too many answers all at once, I'll just go make a chart that's all about ice cream flavors and include myself as one of the subjects there, OK?

Miku: So, Minnie, I have one question to ask you; when did you first run a bow workshop?

Minnie: Just after the release of my spinoff, of course.

MEIKO: By the way, I have the initial "M" on my headset because it's the initial of my name.

Mickey: Wow, that's an amazing coincidence. Mickey, Minnie and Miku all start with "M".

Camui Gakupo: Greetings, Disney folk, I am Kamui Gakupo and I'm another Internet Co. Vocaloid. Some fans like to call me Gackpoid and I have a loving passion for eggplants.

Goofy: Gawrsh, that's really nifty! Ah-yuck! *laughs* Can I call you Gacky?

Luka: Donald, I would like to say that you are Disney's first duck in your franchise.

Donald: Aw... thanks, Luka, and I'm lucky to have Daisy on my side, right? *sighing*

Daisy: You bet, my lucky sailor-suited lovey-dovey, and we make a perfect duck couple together!

Gumi: I really like your working outfit, Horace.

Horace: Thanks, Gumi, I am a working horse after all.

Clarabelle: Boy, I feel like we've got the first visit around here!

Pluto: Uh-huh!

Miku: Time out, everybody, I think there is one more thing we almost forgot. Vocaloids, take your positions! *runs to the stage with the other Vocaloids* And Horace, would you play the finale, please?

Horace: Right! *resumes the music*

Miku: OK, one more time; I'm Hatsune Miku!

Rin: I'm Rin Kagamine!

Luka: I'm Megurine Luka!

Gumi: I'm Gumi Megpoid!

MEIKO: I'm Meiko!

KAITO: I'm Kaito!

Len: I'm Len Kagamine!

Gakupo: I'm Gakupo; sometimes known as Gackpoid!

Miku: And all together...

Luka: ...we are...

All Vocaloids: ...the 8 Vocaloids of Japan! *pose their signature poses*

(Disney characters cheering)

Mickey: Hot dog! Now that's a surprise completely revealed! I've been to Japan several times before, but haven't met any of you in person.

Gakupo: That's OK, Mickey, I have a personal lifetime story I've always wanted to tell you. Would you like to hear it? I can also show you my 3 belongings, if you like as well.

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