A Japanese-American presentation by Kimberly Jordan (aka Kimberly AJ) with Disney and 2 Vocaloid companies; Crypton Future Media and Internet Co. Ltd.

Voice cast

Miku Hatsune and the Vocaloids with Mickey Mouse and friends

Disney characters


  • Saki Fujita as Miku Hatsune
  • Asami Shimoda as Rin and Len Kagamine
  • Yu Asakawa as Luka Megurine
  • Meiko Haigou as MEIKO
  • Naoto Fuga as KAITO
  • Megumi Nakajima as Gumi Megpoid
  • GACKT as Kamui Gakupo



  1. Through the Night - Miku (composed by Slushii, choreography unknown)
  2. Fractal Door - Rin (composed by Quasar-P)
  3. Dream - Luka (composed by Circus-P)
  4. Burn Me Down - Gumi (composed by KIRA)
  5. Just Like You - Meiko (composed by sofubi-p)
  6. For The Better - Len (composed by GuitarHeroPianoZero)
  7. Anonymous - Kaito (composed by EmpathP/Aki Glancy)
  8. Forever Ponytail - Gakupo (to be made by Kimberly AJ)
  9. Circus Monster - Miku and Luka (composed by Circus-P, choreography unknown)
  10. Yesterday Starts to Fade Away - Rin and Len (composed by AegisSan)
  11. The Moment Before the End - Meiko and Kaito (composed by Lystrialle)
  12. My, Oh, My - Gumi and Gakupo (original song by Aqua)


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