Mickey Mouse's Tales
Mickey Mouse's Tales logo (America)
Genre Slice of life, comedy-drama, adventure
Directed by Tetsuya Endo
Studio Tokyo Movie Shinsha
Walt Disney Television International (Japan)
TV Tokyo
Licensed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Original network Japan:
TV Tokyo
Disney Channel Japan
Disney XD Japan
Disney Channel
Disney XD
Original airdate July 13, 2018 - May TBA, 2019
No. of episodes 40

Mickey Mouse's Tales (ミッキーマウスの物語, Mikkīmausu no monogatari) is a Japanese anime series based on the beloved Disney character Mickey Mouse. It stars the titular rodent and his friends and their adventures in a fictional suburban Japanese city called Iwerks' Island. The anime was produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha, Walt Disney Television International (Japan) and TV Tokyo and aired 40 episodes through July 2018 to May 2019.


In this anime adaptation of the Mickey Mouse franchise, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and other Mickey Mouse universe characters live in the fictional Japanese city of Iwerks' Island (a nod to Ub Iwerks). Mickey's newly-made friend in the city is Sally Suzuki, a kind and friendly 14-year old teenage girl, who lives with her parents Joss and July Suzuki, and her younger siblings Robby and Angeline Suzuki.

Mickey Mouse's Tales logo (Japan)

Japanese logo


Characters from the Mickey Mouse franchise

  • Mickey Mouse (voiced by Takashi Aoyagi in Japan; Bret Iwan in English): The titular protagonist of the anime.
  • Donald Duck (voiced by Kōichi Yamadera in Japan; Daniel Ross in English): Mickey's best friend who has a short temper.
  • Goofy (voiced by Yuu Shimaka in Japan; Bill Farmer in English): Mickey's other best friend who is clumsy yet kind-hearted.
  • Pluto (archive voice clips by Bill Farmer): Mickey's pet dog.
  • Minnie Mouse (voiced by Aya Endō in Japan; Russi Taylor in English): Mickey's girlfriend.
  • Daisy Duck (voiced by Mika Doi in Japan; Tress MacNeille in English): Donald's girlfriend.
  • Clarabelle Cow (voiced by Romi Park in Japan; April Winchell in English): Goofy's girlfriend.
  • Chip (voiced by Roko Takizawa in Japan; Tress MacNeille in English): A chipmunk who is one of Mickey's friends.
  • Dale (voiced by Minoru Inaba in Japan; Tress MacNeille in English): A chipmunk who is one of Mickey's friend.
  • Pete (voiced by Katsuhiro Kitawaga in Japan; Jim Cummings in English): Mickey's nemesis.

Characters from the anime

  • Sally Suzuki (voiced by TBA in Japan; Janice Kawaye in English): A 14-year old teenage girl who loves her family and is friends with Mickey Mouse.
  • Joss Suzuki (voiced by TBA in Japan; Jason Alexander in English): Sally's father.
  • July Suzuki (voiced by TBA in Japan; Grey DeLisle in English): Sally's mother.
  • Robby Suzuki (voiced by TBA in Japan; E.G. Daily in English): Sally's hyperactive 7-year old little brother.
  • Angeline Suzuki (voiced by TBA in Japan; Hadley Belle Miller in English): Sally's calm 11-year old little sister.


# English title Japanese title Plot Japanese airing US airing
1 And So It Begins July 13, 2018
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