"Get to be a kid again, right? Who doesn't love that?"

- Michael E. Rodgers on the VHS footage of the premiere of Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Michael E. Rodgers (born 8 May 1969) is a Scottish actor and voice actor. He is known for playing the role of Mr. Conductor Jr in the 2000 film Thomas and the Magic Railroad and voicing Gabranth in the English dub of the 2006 Japanese video game Final Fantasy XII.


Official Roles

Year Title Character Notes
1996 The Dentist Nervous Patient Minor role
Late 1990's ??? ??? Possible minor/major role

According to many Italian sources focusing on this actor, it has been stated that Michael E. Rodgers has worked with Jack Lemmon and Matthew Broderick on an on-screen production before. It is unknown if this is true or not, since no further information has been on the internet to this day.

1997 NightMan Unnamed antagonist Major role

Series 1 Episode 3

1998 Gia Red Dress Photographer Minor role
1998 Sugar Town Journalist Minor role
1998 Uncorked Paul
1999 Legacy Anthony Haynes Major/Supporting role

Series 1 Episode 12

2000 Escape Under Pressure Rupp Major role
2000 Thomas and the Magic Railroad Mr. Conductor Jr First major role in a children's film
2001 Thank Heaven Horace Possible minor/major role
2002 Auto Focus Richard Dawson Major role
2004 Red Rose Robert Burns Major starring role
2005 The Triangle Bruce Geller Major starring role
2007 Sinner Stephen Major starring role
2018 Penny on M.A.R.S Bruce Television series

Major or supporting role

First major/minor role in a children's television series

First major/minor role in a children's production since Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Disney Channel Italy original series

NOTE: Not all of his projects are included in this list

Official Voice Roles

Year Title Character Notes
2005 The Matrix: Path of Neo Doberman Minor role

First official voice role

First role in a video game

2006 Final Fantasy XII Gabranth Major role

English dub

Unofficial Acting/ Voice Roles

Year Title Character Notes
1997-2001 6 Rainbow Doraemons Purple Doraemon/ Additional voices Major starring role/ additional roles

English dubs: RAI/BBC, Alliance Atlantis, and Fox Kids/Jetix Europe

1997 2112: The Birth of Doraemon Yellow Doraemon/ Dora-rinho/ El Metadora/Additional Voices Major starring role/additional roles

English dub

1997 Doraemon and the Curse of the Space Case Space Commander Jr. Major role
1997-2005 Doraemon Giant (1997)/Nobu Nobi (1999-2001) Major role

English dub: Alliance Atlantis, CBBC, Fox Kids/Jetix Europe

Michael has left production of the dub due to creative differences. To finish production, Fox Kids Europe quickly hired an unknown male voice actor in his late 20's to finish voice acting in the dub. The unknown voice actor was the remaining voice actor to voice Nobu in this dub before it's ending.

Successor: Unknown

1997-2001 Perman: Kid Superhero! Saban the Small Kid (1997-2000)/ Additional Voices Major/Additional role

Successor: Steven Kynman

English dub: Fox Kids Europe

1997-2001 The Laughing Salesman Laughing Salesman/ Additional Voices Major starring role

English dub

1999 Buck Douglas' Alien Quest Buck Douglas Major starring role

Pilot episode/test run only

English dub

Successor: Unknown

1999 Doraemon: Legends of the Anywhere Door Narrator/Nobu Nobi/Additional Voices Major starring role

Cancelled English dub of Japanese video game

1999 The Wrong Side of Town Terrence/Narrator/Additional Voices Major starring role

Controversial role

1999/2002 Detective Conan Conan Edogawa/Kogoro Mori/Genta Kojima/Additional Voices Episodes 1-10 only

He voiced Kogoro for only the first two episodes, due to his voice imitation of Kogoro's Japanese voice irritating his throat.

He voiced Genta for episode 6 only because Kyle Herbert, his original English voice actor, was unavialable at that time, and Genta's role was only brief in this episode.

Michael also voiced Conan's inside thoughts by using his normal Scottish accent instead of his high-pitched, childish, and adorable voice he originally used for Conan.

Processor: Kyle Herbert (Genta)

Successor: Unknown (Conan and his inside thoughts), Robert Tinkler (Kogoro), Kyle Herbert (Genta)

1999/2000 Berry Blast Off Narrator/ Blue Raspberry/ Cucumber #1/ Eggplant/ Small Raspberry #3/ 30-Year-Old Man/ Yellow Apple/ Candy Apple/ Poison Apple Voice only

This film was scrapped by Warner Bros. Feature Animation, the animation studio of this film, after production ended, because it was panned by critics before it's release.

2000/2001 Berry Blast Off 2 Blue Raspberry/ Additional Voices Voice Only

This film also got scrapped from Warner Bros. Feature Animation due to a negative audience response after a test screening.

2000 The End of the World Pierre Chapeteau Main starring role

He also performed and starred in the music video for the song "The End is Near"

Acting role

2002 Doraemon: The Secret Gadget Museum Nobu Nobi Original workprints of English dub only.

After the test audience didn't like Nobu's whiny and overreacting voice, Michael was dropped from the role. Thus, Nobu's voice has been redubbed by Rob Rackstraw, who voiced Nobu from late 1997-early 1999.

Sequel to the 1997 film Doraemon and the Curse of the Space Case

Replacement: Rob Rackstraw

2002 Berry Blast Off: Sour Supreme! Narrator/Blue Raspberry/Sour Blue Raspberry/Additional Voices Cancelled threequel to Berry Blast Off.

Voice only.

Major role.

This was another animated film attempt, this time Columbia/Tri-Star and Mainframe Entertainment worked on this film without Warner Bros. Feature Animation's involvement. Due to another troubling test screening, this film was scrapped.

Once again, the voice cast was changed, this time containing a Montreal voice cast. Only Michael Dobson, Paul Dobson, Brian Dobson, Michael E. Rodgers, Pierre Salvador, and Marlowe Gardiner-Heslin returned for their roles.

2002 Thomas the Tank Engine 2: The Adventure Continues Mr. Conductor, Junior Cancelled sequel to Thomas and the Magic Railroad
2018 Fireman Sam: An Incredible Discovery Hector Dermont Placeholder voice only.

Heard on trailers and TV adverts of the film

Successor: Jimmy Hibbert

Official Commercial Roles

Year Company Commercial Notes
2001 Apple IDVD First official commercial role

Hard to find on the internet

2001 VW Jetta Hard to find on the internet
2002 Michelob Light A Bad Night Hard to find on the internet

Used to be on Spike TV's official website

2004 Head and Sholders Hard to find on the internet

Unofficial Commercial Roles

Year Company Name Notes
1999 Fox Kids Europe Doraemon is Next Door Can be found on the UK boxset of Doraemon: The Complete 1st Series
1999 Fox Kids Europe Saban VS. Saban Can be found on the UK boxset of Perman: Kid Superhero!: The Complete 1st Series
1999 Fox Kids Europe Oh, No! The Laughing Salesman is Behind Me! Can be found on the UK boxset of The Laughing Salesman: The Complete 1st Series

Unofficial Performer

Year Song Name Notes
1996 I'm Feeling Lonely This song was Michael's first attempt at singing, and it was an amateur sad song. He has produced, written, and recorded the song (with an old audio recorder) all by himself in his bedroom without any interruptions. Then, he made an audio file on his computer and sent it to a small sub-label of Sony Music Entertainment. They liked it and the song was set for release, despite the poor audio quality.

According to what Michael said in a private audio interview, while he was quietly sobbing and weeping in tears, he said that the reason why he wrote this song was because he felt heartbroken by his friends after they left him one day, and he couldn't stop thinking about "that dreadful memory".

The song's dramatic music video first aired only once in South Africa, before it was taken off the air due to the bad audio quality. The music video later on aired on various MTV channels around the world during a music video countdown show, and it recieved a moderate success. When the video aired on MTV, the editors removed the static-like buzzing noise from the audio and they remastered the audio. After about two or three weeks, the video was taken off the air for the same reason, despite the remastered and cleared audio quality.

1997-2000 Doraemon: Gadget Cat from the Future Opening theme song for the 1997-2005 English dub of Doraemon Successor: Unknown
1997-2000 Doraemon: Planet of Happiness Original Japanese closing theme song of Doraemon, dubbed into English.

Successor: Unknown

1997-2001 Perman: the Kid Superhero! Opening and closing theme song for Perman: Kid Superhero!, the Fox Kids English dub of Perman.
1997-2001 Oh, No! The Laughing Salesman! Opening and closing theme song for the English dub of The Laughing Salesman.

Due to the dark tone of the song and the frightened, high-pitched tone of Michael E. Rodgers' voice, a rerecorded version with a more tamer and cleaner tone of the lyrics and a more cartoonish tone of Michael's voice was used when Jetix Europe reaired the anime.

1999 Makin' Some Chocolate (Mix it Up) A song included in the soundtrack of the Fox Kids Europe English dub of Ninja Hattori.

Featuring Tabatha St. Germain (voice of Hattori), Gideon Emery (voice of Kenny (Kenichi)), Matt Winkinston (voice of Kemuzo Kentoto (Kemuzo Kekumaki)), and Jillian Michaels (voice of Sneek (Kagechiyo))

A live action/animated music video starring Michael E. Rodgers and four of the characters of the anime can be found on the UK boxset of Ninja Hattori: The Complete 1st Series as an extra.

This song was originally going to be a song from the extremely rare original video animation adaption of a prototype of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, when Junior, a male Skitty who is the team leader, suddenly learned how to make pink-colored chocolate from Pecha Berries. The song was titled "Pink Chocolate" and was performed in Japanese by Junior's Japanese voice actor, but the song was scrapped and turned into this song.

1999 Love Potion A song exclusive for release in South Korea and in Southeast Asia
1999 Goodbye, Doraemon A song in the soundtrack of Doraemon: 60 Minutes into the Future
1999 Colours, Rainbows, or Darkness? A controversal, dark comedic song that is disguised as a normal song for young children. Despite the song not being released, the controversal music video was included in the Latin American and French Canadian VHS and DVD copies of Doraemon's Music Shack: The Best of 1999. The song was also heard and it's music video was briefly seen in the English dubbed Tokyo Mountain episode "The Quest for the Controversal VHS"
2000 The End is Near A song for the controversal Bollywood film The End of the WorldThis song was recorded in Hindi, English, French, Arabic, and Urdu

This song and the music video was banned after the first screening due to frightening references to "the end of the world" and due to the suggesstive atmosphere of the music video. Another reason for the ban is because of Michael's dramatic breakdown at the end of the video.

The CBFC has gace the music video an A rating due to "Suggestive Material and Horror", while the BBFC gave the music video a 12 rating for "Suggestive Themes".

2000 It Must be Magic An unreleased cover that was supposed to be on the soundtrack to Thomas and the Magic Railroad and the UK soundtrack to Detective Conan: Captured in Her Eyes. The reason for it's unreleased status is because of the bankrupcy of a small music record company by Sony Music International and due to Shogakukan Records not getting the rights to the song.

This song is a pop cover of the song of the same name by an unknown artist.

2001-2002 Hypnosis Trip The song was recorded in 2001, while it's music video was also filmed in the same year. The song wasn't released until it's music video aired on CBS at Christmas Eve 2002.

The song is only an instrumental, and there were no vocals. Originally, Michael E. Rodgers wrote lyrics to this song and recorded a demo, but then he decided to try out an instrumental with no lyrics.

2002 Red, Yellow, and Blue A song that was included in the Japanese anime Tokyo Mountain (S7E5 "Come On, Leopold!")

Unofficial Presenter

Year Title Channel Notes
1996-1999 Nintendo's Impossible Game Challenge Challenge/The Children's Channel (TCC)/Fox Kids Major role.


Michael E. Rodgers in the UK
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