Miami Vice Neo is an upcoming Japanese-American Open-World Third-Person Shooter/Vehicular Combat ARPG, being based on the 1980s Police Procedural, Miami Vice. It would be published by Bandai-Namco, being the second licensed game they distributed and published from Universal with the first being their Fast Saga games.


While the Game features Miami as it's main setting, it would also feature Jacksonville, Florida with Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (in addition to many parts of the Amazon Rainforest in South America/Latin America), Brazil in which both of them are which would be introduced to the Miami Vice franchise. It would also take place in the present Day as opposed to the 1980s, much like the infamous film adaptation back in 2006.


The game would serve as an Ultimate Universe to the original 1984-90 series, with fresh elements added within the Miami Vice franchise.

Cast and Characters

Playable Characters

Supporting Cast

In addition, a variety of Voice Actors and Actresses provide the Additional voices such as the Civilians, Firefighters, Police Officers, SWAT Members and the like, with Dee Bradley Baker providing the Animal Vocal Effects.


  • While Bandai-Namco loves to make and distribute so many Anime, Manga and Tokusatsu licensed games, this is the first time they made a licensed game based on a Western Live-Action Television property.
  • Similar to Bandai-Namco's very own Dark Souls series and Rockstar's/Capcom's Grand Theft Auto series, the Game features primarily English-speaking voice acting with subtitles in a Variety of Languages for International releases (this is made to reflect people from many locations visiting from one place to another in real life, although they can try to understand each other's languages).
    • However, the Game also features Voice Acting in a variety of Languages for Everyone else such as the Civilians, similar to Bandai-Namco's own Tekken series.
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