Mew Mew Pretty Cure (Also known as Tokyo Mew Mew Pretty Cure) is a Unoffical Japanese Animation Series based of Tokyo Mew Mew

Saban Brands Hasbro And 4Kids have Teamed Up to translate the Series In English under the Name Glitter Force Mew Mew Power

Transformation Speeches And Attacks

Orignal Japanese

All Girls:Pretty Cure! Mewmorphosis

Cure Strawberry:My Sweet Food is Strawberries! Cure Strawberry! Meow!

Cure Hummingbird:My Sweet Food is Mint! Cure Hummingbird!

Cure Pudding:My Sweet Food is Pudding! Cure Pudding!

Cure Lettuce:My Sweet Food is Lettuce! Cure Lettuce!

Cure Zakuro:My Sweet Food is Pomegranate! Cure Zakuro!

All Girls:Now for the sake of Earth’s Future we will have to get rid of you.

Cure Strawberry:Meow!

All Girls:Mew Mew Pretty Cure!

Glitter Force Mew Mew Power

Zoey:All Together Now!

All Girls:Glitter Force Mew Makeover!

Glitter Strawberry:My Sweetfood of Choice is Strawberry! I‘m Glitter Strawberry!

Glitter Mint:My Sweetfood of Choice is Mint! I’m Glitter Mint

Glitter Pudding:My Sweetfood of Choice is Pudding! I’m Glitter Pudding

Glitter Lettuce:My Sweetfood of Choice is Lettuce! I’m Glitter Lettuce!

Glitter Zakuro:My Sweetfood of Choice is Pomegranate! I‘m Glitter Zakuro

All Girls:Mew Mew Style Mew Mew Grace Mew Mew Power

Glitter Strawberry:In your Face!

All Girls:Together We’re Glitter Force Mew Mew Power!

Glitter Force Mew Mew Power


The Logo for the Dub

Glitter Force Mew Mew Power is the English Dub of Mew Mew Pretty Cure created in Collaboration with Saban Brands Hasbro And 4Kids

Dub Edits

Like Glitter Force and Glitter Force Doki Doki Certained Scenes are Darkened likely to Prevent Seizures

Corina doesn‘t have a Crush on Renee like in the Japanese Version where She did

Also Like Glitter Force and Glitter Force Doki Doki Dialogue is added in Scenes that don’t have Dialogue

Like in Mew Mew Power Supernatural and Animal Instinct are used during Group Transformations

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