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Metrogirl is an American superhero animated web series created by Man of Action Entertainment for HBO MAX and produced by Cartoon Network.

The show centers on Alicia Danvers, a 16-year-old teenage girl who is a Human/Arkanian half-breed from the planet Arkan where he father, Caelum, sent her to earth as a toddler with her human mother Dr. Elizabeth "Liz Danvers to safety from the galactic tyrant, Emperor Drakanus of the Drakoxine Empire. Years later on Earth, Alicia grew up to living in when her powers begin to develop through electrosynthesis. Born of two worlds with incredible superhuman powers, Jenna had and became Neo Meridian City's resident superhero, Metrogirl as she protects the city from various threats to earth and beyond.

It is the third entry of the HBO Max Animated Universe.


Alicia Danvers was sent to Earth with her mother, Vivian by her father Caelum. There she stayed living a normal every day life then is thrown into a new one when she, her little brother, Dylan, her mother and their dog move to a futuristic megasprawl, Neo Meridian City to live with her paternal aunt and cousin. There she meets new friends, and many good people. But she later starts developing super powers and learns that she not entirely human. After learning about her alien heritage and about her father, Alicia decides to embrace her newfound powers for good by becoming a superhero to honor her father, Caelum’s memory and adopted her aliens “Metrogirl”.


List of Metrogirl characters


  • Metrogirl/Alicia Danvers (Elise Gatien): The title protagonist of the series.
    Bio: Alicia is a young teenage Akanian-human half-hybrid that was sent to earth with her mother by her father while just a baby, Caelum, along with a powerful Diadem, the Akanian Matrix.
    Physical Appearance: Alicia is a tall slender, curvaceous and very beautiful young woman with olive tanned skin, brown eyes, long straight dark blue hair and pink lipstick. She has an athletic yet muscular toned body, toned broad shoulders, strong arms, long legs, and buxom breasts. Metrogirl wears a grayish white formfitting skintight bodysuit with pointy sleeves, and a blue and silver stylized "M" diamond shield on her chest that touches the square neckline, which highlights her neck, collar bone, and cleavage. She also wears a long blue cape with a cyan M that reaches down to her lower knees and a pair of blue boots with a notch at the top. The suit was made by her farther years ago as gift when she's old enough to know she's ready for the purpose of being the protector of the Earth. It shows off her physique, giving note to her strong arms, legs, and abs.
    Powers and abilities: Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Super-Endurance, Flight, Invulnerability, Heat Vision, X-Ray Vision, Enhanced Vision, Super Hearing, Space Survivability, Super leaps and Enhanced Agility and Reflexes. Her physiology is immune to all toxins and diseases. Metrogirl is well-trained in martial arts and special hand-to-hand tactics by the likes of Safeguard. Her only weakness is Arkanite, a gamboge orange crystalline element substance that was created in the exspolsion of Arkan after Drakanus destroyed the planet. Exposure to arkanite renders her in a severe weaken state as writhing in extreme immense amount of pain, sore muscles, discomfort and loss (or near loss) of consciousness but retains her powers..
  • Vivian Danvers (Tasia Valenza): The mother of Alicia and Dylan as well as the widow of Caelum. Vivian is a former Plumber and currently a scientist at D.A.W.N. She met Caelum after he saved her life while drifting through space and the nursed her back to health. After spending few years on Arkan, Vivian married Caelum and they had given birth to their daughter, Alicia.
  • Skyscraper/Dylan Danvers: (Cassandra L. Morris): The 11 yr old brother of Alicia and the youngest son of Vivian. Dylan is young prodigy with a talent of inventing
  • Cleo Powers: The Head/Director of D.A.W.N. Organization.
  • Paige West: Alicia's best friend whim she meets after moving to Neo-Meridian City.
  • Trent Driscoll:
  • Fergi (Tara Strong): A young Galvan that Alicia befriends. She is revealed to be the granddaughter of Azmuth.

Supporting Cast

  • Caelum: A Xirconian scientist who was the late father of Jenna and late husband of Vivian. He was a soldier that fought in a conflict with Drakhanus forces. Years later he met and saved Vivian Danvers after find her injured in her Plumber ship drifting through the cosmos then nursed her back to health. Over the years, he invented a transmat gate that allows to travel between earth and arkan. Caelum spent most of his time in between planets he soon fell in love with Vivian and the two were married on Arkan. When Alicia was born, Caelum knew how extraordinary she would be for her cells and muscle tissue by the solar radiation from Earth’s sun and grow more powerful than he ever imagined. He knew that his daughter would have the potential to do great things with her gifts.
  • D.A.W.N.: The Defense Agency of Worldwide Nations.
    • Joseph Lawson/Safeguard: D.A.W.N. field commander and second-in-command of Cleo, Joseph Lawson was is the result of D.A.W.N.'s earliest attempt at biologically improving their soldiers; however, due to the high failure/death, no agent but him was brave enough to risk the procedure. Through what could only be described as a miracle, Law not only survived, but his body was enhanced to near-superhuman perfection. With increased strength, speed, reflexes, and stamina, Lawson now serves as D.A.W.N.'s very first super agent. He wears an indestructible shield with the DAWN insignia. He is a parody and homage to Captain America.
    • Dr. Emile Osgood:
    • D.A.W.N. Agents and Scientists
  • Shelby Danvers: A supportive aunt of Alicia and older sister of Vivian.
  • ???: The father of Caelum and the paternal grandfather of Alicia.
  • Trent Hagen/Metroman
  • Ashton Rhodes:
  • Peyton Stratton:
  • Tori Durand:
  • Cobi Bennett:
  • Larry Novak:
  • The Technomancer: A mysterious cyber entity
  • Slipstream/Monique Chiang (Chloe Bennett): A young investigative journalist who was working on a case a chemical factory when lighting strikes the building and hits a vat filled with unspecified chemicals that splashes all over her. When Monique woke up, she later finds out that she has superhuman speed and dons a red outfit with yellow lightning symbols. Slipstream has incredible Superhuman speed, agility, reflexes and resilience; allowing her to defy forces such as gravity to an extent, able to run at velocities approaching to that of light it and even faster without the deprivation of oxygen, or force of impact. She has gained an enhanced metabolism and accelerated healing factor. Jennifer is an beautiful and attractive slender young Asian-American woman with a very voluptuous yet muscular & athletic build. She has curly waist-length black hair w/h a widows peak and has short bangs parted to either side of her face, fair skin, amber eyes, red lipstick, toned broad shoulders, buxom breasts, slim waist, long legs. She wears a one-piece red armored bodice with a gold trim that leaves her shoulders, cleavage and legs exposed, yellow transparent visor, red bracers and knee-high boots with knee and lighting accents. Slipstream wears a amber visor. The caps on the brassiere and knee guards have two lightning symbols; one on the right and a mirrored image on the left.
  • Arokh: A noble Drakon warrior who is one of the leaders of the Drakon Rebellion
  • Braxx: A bulky Drakon
  • Myrrah:
  • Romulus
  • Professor Paradox
  • Orvus
  • Azmuth
  • Roarek: A Drakon soldier that was sent to find the Xirconian Diadem while being accompanied by the duo Zander and Mongo. He is the n-nonsense and brains of the trio
  • Zand'r and Mongo: Two dimwitted Drakons that were defected from the empire for their incompetence and pitiful stupidity serves as comic reliefs of the series.
    • Zander
    • Mongo

Guest Characters

  • Ben Tennyson
  • Rex Salazar
  • Herculea


Main Villains

  • Emperor Drakhanus (Chris Rager): The main antagonist of the series, and the archenemy of Metrogirl.
    Drakhanus is the terrifying and feared ruler of the Drakon Empire as his forces invaded Xircon for a powerful diadem that would increase his power and regrow his wings, who he lost during a battle he had with Caelum during a war years back.
  • Madilyn Sylas (Rashida Jones): The secondary main antagonist and one of the archenemies to Metrogirl. Madilyn the new CEO of Sylas Enterprises after inheriting the company from her mother, Sofia Silas, who died from a fatal illness.
    Veronica is the wealthiest, most successful businesswoman in Neo-Meridian City. Olivia serves as a Lex Luthor analogue to Metrogirl.
  • Imperia: The archenemy and foil to Metrogirl
  • Sovereign/Reginald Powers (): The mysterious founder and leader of the Nefarious Nine. Sovereign is later to be revealed as the older brother of Cleo
  • Dr. Saurus/Dallas Jurasique (Patrick Seitz): A Paleontologist turned Dino-Mutant with a tragic backstory.
  • Terawatt/Theresa Watts (Daisy Lightfoot): Theresa Watts had her criminal career in a milestone constantly seeking a bigger score, when she reached an unexpected new low after her latest heist when wrong and accidentally electrocuted a security guard. The jury then sentenced her to the electric chair.
    Terawatt can control vast amounts of electricity
  • Vortex/Soren Atmos (Danny Cooksey): Turbo-Flight Aerodynamic criminal thrill-seeker. Soren Atmos, eldest son of wealthy businessman of the biggest Aerodynamic company in the country, . To get even with his father, Austin breaks into the company and stole the E-GX aerosuit prototype.
  • Harmonika/Lydia Serenade (???):
  • Smelter/Bernard B. Irons (): Bernard Irons was a disgruntled steel mill worker constantly mocked and belittled for most of his life for his dwarfism and unpleasant appearance, developing a burning vendetta on those around him, especially his boss for firing him on the spot. Iron built himself a 12ft mecha-suit that enhanced his size and his strength after receiving a set of blueprints from an anonymous source.
    The suit outfitted with heat-proof plating reinforced armor, an internal cooling system (air conditioner) in the cockpit located inside the torso, two high-powered flamethrowers and welding laser on the arms, two built-in thermite grenade launchers on both shoulders and the it is powered by an experimental "thermal core." It also grants Smelter enhanced strength and durability.
  • Ripcat/Katherine Ripley (): A feline themed supervillainess psychopath.
    Ripley was a notorious psychopath who was in fact an Osmosian with with indestructible claws, enhanced senses, agility, reflexes, durability and an accelerated healing factor. Upon gaining her powers, Ripcat had become a freelance assassin-for-hire to earn quick and hefty price.
  • Gila Monster/Mateo Ybanez:
  • Taurus/Tyrone Oxford (Patrick Seitz): A skilled mechanic, Tyrone Oxford worked as auto mechanic before city for Sylas Laboratories at one of it's many production lines, hoping to take the first step into the field of industrial robotics engineering; however, due to cutting budgets, Oxford was never able to make it in this intensely physically demanding job and had to settle for managing the business side of the company. Despite his best efforts, the company then decided to release him from his contract. Embittered, hopeless, and struggling to make ends meet, Oxford wanted revenge on his superiors for not appreciating his talents and soon crossed paths with an intelligent and ambitious man by the name of "Sovereign." He then gifted Oxford a bull-themed mech-suit designed to allow for immense physical strength, speed and durability and armed with with two razor-sharp metallic bull horns, Tyrone had become raging Taurus.
    Taurus's suit is 7.6ft in height and is specifically designed with high-powered servos and industrial-strength pneumatic actuators, primarily in the arms and legs, and armored plating made from super-reinforced steel; making it capable of punching holes through solid concrete, charging-through heavy fire or obstacle without a scratch, and tearing the doors off even the most secure vaults with ease. This makes go toe-to-toe with Metrogirl but in a losing effort.
  • Guerilla-Warfare ()
  • Legionnaire/Gene Ramsey (Eric Bauza): A former juvie with the osmosian ability of duplication.
  • Power Jem/Petra Blake
  • Khanivore:
  • TBA; A cybernetic villain based on Metallo powered by Arkanite
  • Voxine:

Drakon Empire

  • General Skalidon: The second-in-command and leader of the Drakon army. As right-hand of Drakhanus, Skalidon leads
  • Xaldin (Timothy E. Brummund): The sardonic court advisor to Drakhanus and a master of dark sorcery.
    Xaldin is an elderly Drakon that is a sinister master of dark arts
  • Cynda. Female commander of the Drakon army
  • Mesfiria: A young female Drakon apprentice of Cynda
  • Argul the Defiler: A brutish Drakon that is a brutal gladiator and Drakhanus favored champion
  • Heralds of Drakhanus: A group of powerful Drakons who each are in command of an element: Metal, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Thunder and Ice.
    • ???: Metal
    • ???: Fire
    • ???: Water
    • ???: Earth
    • ???: Air
    • ???: Thunder
    • ???: Ice


A paramilitary-terrorist organization bent on world domination.

  • King Kobra/Kaus Von Schlither:
  • Madame Viprsss
  • Onyx
  • Diamondback:
  • Fanglash:
  • V.I.P.E.R. Agents

Recurring Villains

  • Cryptic: An enigmatic villain
  • Diabolos:
  • S.I.L.I.C.O.:
  • Fissure/
  • Firewall & Freezeframe
  • Chop-Shop/Marc Weltsmith
  • Origami
  • The Chessmaster/Allenby Rook
    • Pawns
  • Axane - a bounty hunter
  • K’Tahn
  • Ninenine - A alien bounty hunter

Nefarious Nine

A team of nine villains founded by the Sovereign with the purpose of taking control over D.A.W.N. and destroying Metrogirl. Led by Sovereign, the group consists of Imperia, Vortex, Taurus, Harmonika, Smelter, Terawatt, Guerilla-Warfare and


Neo Meridian City

A futuristic themed main setting of the series.

  • The Danver's Residence
  • DAWN Headquarters
  • Neo Meridian Docks


The home planet of the Akanians in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Dra'Khan V

The home planet of the Drakons in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Season 1

  1. TBA, Part 1:
  2. TBA, Part 2:
  3. TBA, Part 3:
  4. ?
  5. ?
  6. Dino Attack
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. Toro, Toro:


  • Metrogirl is a parody and a pastiche of DC Comic's Supergirl.
  • Her buffed physique is based on Elseworlds Supergirl (1998).
  • Alicia's costumes has few similarities with Jetstream's costume from Disney’s Sky-high. As well as the visible likeness of IFBB pro Jessica Weatherly.