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  • Sannse, a user named Tiarrón was placing random images on Powerpufffanboynumber1's userpage even though he has no permission to do so. Powerpufffanboy asked him why he is adding random images to his userpage. I also noticed that many people were harassing Tiarrón just because of what he did. But I realized that it's wrong to harass him even though he does unconstructive edits. Unlike many other users who are often telling Tiarrón to knock it off, I talk to him the cool and calm way. I think someone on this site should block him. The staff of the entire Wikia community is capable of blocking others on various wikis. So I think one of you guys should block him for a long period of time. If not, I would tell someone else to report him instead even though if it didn't work out based on what I would expect.

    I hope you reply to my message. Thank you!


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