Kimberly AJ

aka Kimberly Jordan

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on April 2
  • My occupation is Artist, singer
  • I am Female
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  • Say Kimberly AJ come to this page

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  • Say Kimberly AJ can you help me and JessicaFin23 out with Prehistoric Guardian Pretty Cure

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  • Say Kimberly AJ will you draw pictures of the characters from Prehistoric Guardian Pretty Cure for me and Jessica please?

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  • What is with this category you applied in my Superman article?

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  • Hello, Kimberly. I have a question for you. 

    Can you make some designs for the main characters of Prehistoric Guardian Pretty Cure?

    Here's how each of the Cures look like:

    • Tina/Yoshiko has hazel hair worn in low pigtails and magenta eyes.
    • Brooke/Hiroko has short ginger hair and brown eyes.
    • Elise/Hoshi has long black hair and purple eyes.
    • Kelly/Saki has brown hair and blue eyes.
    • Charlotte/Haruka has short blonde hair and teal eyes.
    • Naomi is African/American, has long black hair and brown eyes.
    • Nicole/Miyako has short grayish hair and gold eyes.

    Here are their civilian outfits:

    • Tina/Yoshiko's outfit consists of a purple T-shirt, blue denim shorts, and white sneakers.
    • Brooke/Hiroko's outfit consists of a blue T-shirt, blue jeans, black boots, and black fingerless gloves.
    • Elise/Hoshi's outfit consists of a green sweater, a plaid skirt, and pink flats.
    • Kelly/Saki's outfit consists of a red shirt, white Capri pants, and red sneakers.
    • Charlotte/Haruka's outfit consists of a light blue quarter-sleeved shirt, dark gray pants, and green sneakers.
    • Naomi's outfit consists of a blue hoodie with an orange T-shirt underneath, teal pants, and blue high tops.
    • Nicole/Miyako's outfit consists of a purple shirt, a blue skirt, and pink and white sneakers.

    Here's how each of the Cures' outfits look like.

    • All of the Cures' outfits have dinosaur-like details, such as dinosaur tails, horns, and triangle-shaped plates on the backs. They also wear dinosaur-like masks. 
    • Cure Tyranno's outfit is a pink and red short-sleeved dress, short gloves, and matching flats. 
    • Cure Trike's outfit is a brown and orange two-piece outfit with a red brooch and a green ribbon, long gloves, and matching boots. 
    • Cure Stego's outfit is a green and gray long-sleeved dress with an ice blue brooch, high-heeled boots, and long gloves. 
    • Cure Brach's outfit is a yellow and green spaghetti-strapped dress, long gloves, and flats. 
    • Cure Para's outfit is a blue and orange short-sleeved dress, short gloves, and high-heeled boots. 
    • Cure Ptera's outfit is a purple and yellow shoulder-sleeved dress, long gloves, and high heels. 
    • Cure Rap's outfit is a red and orange spaghetti-strapped dress, long gloves, and high heels. 

    Can you please make these designs for me? Thank you.

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    • Oh, and by the way, here are the descriptions for the Cures: 

      • Tina/Cure Tyranno is very outgoing, and she is always willing to go on an adventure with her friends. She tries to please his friends as much as possible, and thus is prone to being taken advantage of. She shows fierce loyalty to her friends, and she often openly shows her friendship even to those who intimidate her. She is also quite naive, though not quite to the extent of some people, and she easily believes what she is told. She is also very easygoing and optimistic. She is also known to panic easily, particularly when there is risk of someone seeking to harm her. Despite all this, she has a very kind heart.
      • Brooke/Cure Trike - Brooke is kind and caring, but this side of her personality is masked most of the time by her more gruff exterior. She is stubborn, boastful, sometimes reckless, and occasionally belligerent, but is often made look foolish when she is proven wrong. Although very stern, and at times cold, she's a friendly person who cares for her friends.
      • Nicole/Cure Stego - Nicole is a quiet, unassuming genius who never forces her knowledge down her friends' throats but rather lets them go about our daily business, only stepping in when she really needs to. And even when others fail to heed her advice, she does not judge or criticize.
      • Naomi/Cure Brach - Naomi has a very strong-willed and bright personality. She is optimistic, resourceful, determined, yet she can be kind and compassionate. She tends to be fairly independent, but will accept the help of others when necessary. Sometimes, her determination to be independent ends up working against her. She tends to put less consideration into her own needs and ends up putting the people around her at a higher priority, meaning she places anyone precious to her ahead of herself and takes action when the situation requires attention. She's a strong-willed girl that is willing to take any risks for the fact to be proven properly.
      • Charlotte/Cure Para - Charlotte is a shy girl with a big heart. Though she had a few friends, she mostly kept to her own due to her shy and modest nature. When her friends saw what potential she had in art, they managed to draw a more passionate fire out of her. When their lives are put it danger, she completely sheds her shy personality and shows her true strengths. She's always acts cheerful wherever she goes, but was shy until she met Yoshiko/Tina, who acted as her friend instantly when they met. Charlotte is a bit materialistic and takes her job seriously, but because of her busy lifestyle, she had no friends when she begins at her new school. She is very calm and polite. She's a gentle, understanding girl who always put others before herself. She is very smart, and often uses her knowledge to help people. However, Charlotte may also be quite strict, and when she thinks someone has not done all of their work, she'll force them to do it. She is, however, doing this because she cares. Now that she's made a few friends, Charlotte has became more outgoing and passionate about being a Pretty Cure, especially the superheroic elements. She is quite bubbly and sweet, and while she may appear as timid and quiet, she is actually quite strong when it comes to protecting her friends and making the right decision.
      • Kelly/Cure Ptera - Kelly plays the role of the lighthearted jokester of the group, though she is often the butt of many jokes or backfiring pranks herself. She is playful, dim-witted, energetic, and often immature. When the other Cures are focused on important details she is usually the first to break in with a preposterous suggestion or an unnecessary joke. Due to this, others sometimes view her as immature, thickheaded, and cumbersome. However, she continually proves invaluable with her kindness and battle prowess. Although she jokes most of the time, Kelly can be serious when she wants to be.
      • Elise/Cure Rap - Elise is depicted as being very intelligent, athletic, distant, and cold. She displays a stoic and cool attitude. She is highly serious and boasts a considerable level of high intelligence. She is competitive towards those she deems a threat. Despite appearing distant, she was able to capture attention with ease from others. She is very loyal and obedient to her friends.
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    • If there is a very unique Pretty Cure customizer that mixes and matches parts for making characters, then I'll be getting it for this character concept.

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    • Kimberly AJ wrote:
      If there is a very unique Pretty Cure customizer that mixes and matches parts for making characters, then I'll be getting it for this character concept.

      And another thing to let you know the art style of the show is something similar to this

      Naomi/Cure Brach is an African/American girl from America who moved to Japan and she is the first non-Asian member in the Pretty Cure franchise to be a member of the main Pretty Cure team.

      And me and Jessica we're using these pictures of existing anime characters as placeholders for the designs of the Cures to give people an idea what they look like and until the actual designs are made

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  • How are the drawings of the Cures from Prehistoric Guardian Pretty Cure going along Kimberly?

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  • Hello Kimberly, me and Jessica have a question for you

    Can you make the design for Chomp the T-Rex Fairy from Prehistoric Guardian Pretty Cure?

    Here's how he looks like:

    He is green and has blue eyes, he also has a yellow torso and blue spikes running down his back

    His design is inspired by Heart from You Are Umasou and Tron from The Adventures of Tyrano Boy

    Here's some character info about him:

    He is the leader of the Dino fairies, he is bossy, demanding, and gluttonous, but he also genuinely cares and is very loyal to his friends. He is brave enough to fight or to protect his friends. His hobbies are watching TV, reading mangas (comic books in the English version) or magazines of pretty women, playing video games, singin and dancing to music, and eating. He is somewhat egomaniac, obsessing over his "coolness" and his species' reputation as "King of the Dinosaurs" and is seen bragging about himself. He is attracted to attractive girls and women even to a point of flirting with them (he also falls into the trope All Men are Perverts). He also has a brother-sister like relationship with Clover the Triceratops fairy and they usually argue or compete with each other (a reference to the rivalry of T-Rex and Triceratops) but they do really care and are very loyal to each other (There relationship is similar to Leonardo and Raphael from TMNT and Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon). His personality is inspired by Kero from Cardcaptors and somewhat of Keroro from Sgt. Frog. He is partnered with the leader of the Pretty Cure.

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  • Say Kimberly AJ have you ever seen or heard of Cardcaptor Sakura?

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  • Kimberly, please don't listen to KKDisney. He doesn't know that you're not stealing the Kawaii Box page, and you're just trying to make some harmless changes to it. I don't want you to be blocked. You are a good contributor and you make some good pages for people to see, just like every one of us here on this wiki. 

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  • Did You Think Can Do The Disney Fairies Characters on The LEGO Dimensions?

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