John Horton

aka John Horton

  • I live in Cleveland, OH
  • I was born on March 24
  • My occupation is Creating ideas on Idea wiki.
  • I am Male
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  • I just wanna talk to you about, well, the meaning of the term "Taz Mania" when used in a list of characters (e.g. Pooh's Adventures of The Lion King The Broadway Musical, Mickey and Minnie's Wedding). Does it mean the whole Taz-Mania cast or just Taz himself?

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  • Hi! How are you?

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  • What month of 1981 took place where the movie opens with 61 year old Thomas O'Malley sleeping?

    A. September 2nd

    B. October 5th

    C. Novermber 25th

    D. December 7th

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  • Hello John Horton I'm Emman Cortez, a pinoy who needs help. Can you please come? 

    I'm gonna tell you my ideas later.

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    Muppetlover16 closed this thread because:
    Don't want to bother with the nuisance that is John Horton.
    23:42, December 22, 2016
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    • Paul, Emman allow me to explain why Pooh's Adventures is stupid: 1. Nothing "adventurous" actually happens 2. The complex "family tree" where every human is related to Christopher Robin, every bear is related to Pooh and so on... 3. The constant censorship of mature themes like sex and violence and the bowdlerization of darker franchises in order to keep it family friendly (lest we forget that one infamous scene in Pooh's Adventures of Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School, you know which one I'm talking 'bout) 4. The pairings make no sense (Thomas the Tank Engine x Twilight Sparkle, really?!) 5. The amount of pointless characters they manage to shoehorn in 6. The community is full of oversensitive, temperamental, whiny people who get butthurt if you say you don't like Pooh's Adventures (Jeremy aka Toonking1985 likes 'em, but he's cool)

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    • Okay, thanks for the info Chris and BTW, let's close this thread and I think I can do my game by myself. Also, the shippings of Pooh's Adventures are really, really, REALLY not in my job because I don't want to ship a non-living thing with a living thing.

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  • To your questions here.

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