Meloetta's Crystal Enchanted is an 2052 Mexican-American computer animated musical film directed by Greg Franklin and Bob Boyle and starring Zack Isaac Sanchez, Josh Gad and Pierre Coffin, written by Wes Anderson, Garth Jennings and Bibo Bergeron. The film was originally going to be produced by Illumination Entertainment and distributed by Universal Pictures. It was scheduled for a 2052 release, and the prequel to 2020 film Pokémon.


  • Zack Isaac Sanchez as Meloetta, Pikachu, Wobbuffet, Axew, Oshawott, Pignite, Snivy, Scraggy, Pansage, Floette
  • Josh Gad as Meowth
  • Pierre Coffin as Emolga, Jigglypuff, Piplup, Bulbasaur, Squirtle
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