Melody's Mermaid Adventure's
Melody is the Daughter of Ariel and Eric. In this series, Melody goes goes on under sea adventures like her mother did. Her grandfather King Triton gave her a seashell locket from the second film. He put a little magic on her locket so Melody can change herself into a mermaid and back again at will. Along with her friends, Sebastian the crab, Scuttle the seagull, Tip the penguin, Dash the walrus, and of course her sheepdog Max. Undertow the big shark is back and is now teeth less from the battle in the second film. He plans to free his mistress Morgana, that King trapped her in a block of ice. Ariel, Eric, King Triton, Flounder and Ariel's six older sisters will be in the series too. Here in this new series, Melody uses her magic locket to turn Max the dog into a dogfish, his body might look the same, but his ears, tail, and all four paws will become fins and will breath under water like all sea animals. Like her Mother Ariel, she always likes to explore everywhere in and out of the sea.  

[Main Characters:]

Melody: Daughter of Ariel and Eric. Granddaughter of King Triton. Turns between Human and Mermaid with her magic locket.

Max the dog: The royal family pet dog. Turns between Dog and Dogfish from Melody's magic locket.

Sebastian the crab: Sebastian is Melody's good friend and Guardian. Like from Ariel, Sebastian must make sure Melody stays out of trouble lots of times.

Tip and Dash: Tip and Dash are Melody's best friends. They always go along with Melody on her advantures.

Scutte the seagull: Scuttle always must keep an eye out for Melody. like from Ariel, Scuttle always helps her all the time.

[Supporting Characters:]

Ariel: Mother of Melody and wife of Eric. Ariel is very protective of Melody and knows she may get herself in to trouble.

Prince Eric: Father of Melody and husband of Ariel. Eric knows that Melody is a lot like her mother and knows what to set her mind to.

King Triton: Grandfather of Melody and father of Ariel and her sisters. He put a little magic on Melody's locket so she can change into a mermaid and visit Atlantica when ever she wants.

Flounder: Best friend of Ariel. Flounder's loyalty to Ariel is very strong and will report to her when Melody is in trouble.

Ariel's sisters: Aunts of Melody who love to see her visit Atlanitica and knows when she is in to merboys.


Undertow: A big toothless tiger sharks who lost all of his teeth from the battle. He plans to steal the king's magic trident to he can free his misters Morgana from her icy imprisonment.

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