1. "Opening"
  2. "Robbery Has Occured"
  3. "Fly To School"
  4. "Kody Again"
  5. "Exploring Time/Meeting Rhys Sigmund"
  6. "News About the Blood Moon"
  7. "Determining the Perfect Costume"
  8. "More Crime to Deal With/Waiting Longer For Date"
  9. "Missed Date/Argument"
  10. "Heartbroken Before Friday"
  11. "A Contemplation After Argument/Chased By Darkmoon Wolves and Infected"
  12. "Chatting With Kody/Werewolf Transformation"
  13. "Halloween Costume Party"
  14. "Party Crashed/Werewolf Rampage"
  15. "Maia's Song/Kody Turns Back To Normal"
  16. "A Promise"
  17. "A Bite Under My Skin" - Militia Vox ft. Straiting Line Stitch (Credits and Music Video)
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